Texas Tech University

Strategic Objectives


The Department of Industrial Engineering will be in the top 25 programs in the nation in excellence in academic and research programs.


The mission of the department is to provide the highest quality of industrial, manufacturing and systems engineering education by stimulating discovery, integration, application, and communication of knowledge.

Strategic Plan

Goals, Critical Success Factors, and Objectives

Goal 1. Academic and Research Excellence. Attain national and international recognition for academic and research programs at the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. levels.


  • Keep undergraduate and graduate programs current with developing technologies.
  • Recruit, hire, develop, and retain faculty with excellent teaching and research capabilities.

Goal 2. Access and Diversity. Maintain faculty and student diversity and increase student retention.


  • Have faculty composition reflect student diversity.
  • Increase scholarships and fellowships to attract more high quality students.

Goal 3. Partnerships. Build lasting partnerships to support department efforts in teaching, research, and service.


  • Develop long-term relationships with industry to advance academic program development, research opportunities, and employment opportunities of our graduates.
  • Develop relationships with government labs and agencies.
  • Expand interdisciplinary relationships within the university and TTUHSC.

Goal 4. Resources and Infrastructure. Maintain quality personnel, facilities, and approaches to delivery of services.


  • Maintain laboratories with current technology and equipment.
  • Plan for future facility requirements.
  • Increase professional development of faculty and staff.

Goal 5. Engagement. Build solid connections with the community and region for mutual benefit.


  • Strengthen regional industries through services and technology transfer.
  • Become recognized for service to community organizations.

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Industrial, Manufacturing & Systems Engineering