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Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering Industrial Advisory Board (IAB): Overview

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The Texas Tech University - Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) is an association of professionals with a common goal - promoting and developing the Texas Tech Department of Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering and its students.

Who We Are:

Historically, members' careers span a broad spectrum, with varying levels of involvement surrounding "traditional" Industrial Engineering disciplines. The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) is made up of graduates and friends of the IMSE department here at Texas Tech University. IAB members are successful engineers, business people, and entrepreneurs representing a broad range of industries and disciplines. In addition, Industrial Engineers with training outside of the Tech curriculum are valued participants. Diversity of the board is a necessary component to ensure wide ranging success of Tech students.

IAB members travel to Texas Tech from across the country to attend semi-annual board meetings. We meet on the Friday before the football homecoming game in the fall, and usually in early to mid-April in the spring.

What We Do:

The IAB provides a friendly forum and sounding board in support of the IMSE department, its students, faculty and staff. Below are some of the activities of the IAB Board:

  1. Attend IAB Board Meetings in Lubbock
    The IAB's primary interaction with the IMSE Department takes place during the fall and spring meetings, where the Board meets with students and faculty in both professional and social settings. This personal contact is vital to the effectiveness of the IAB as well as the continued growth and development of the students.
  2. Participate in Student Recruiting Efforts
    The IAB has been instrumental in recruiting top students into the Texas Tech Department of Industrial, Manufacturing & Systems Engineering. The result has been an increase in overall academic performance and prestige for the department and the university.
  3. Ensure the Industrial Engineering Student Body Succeeds
    The IAB succeeds when the department and its students succeed. Therefore, board members should be passionate about helping the students become successful professionals. This is accomplished in two primary ways:
    • One-on-One Mentoring Program - This program is designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with a mentor with professional experience who can help the student plan for their professional life while at Texas Tech.
    • Open Door Policy - Not as a formal program, but more of an outlook, the Open Door Policy indicates the board members' willingness to provide guidance and insight to Texas Tech IMSE students on an ad hoc basis through the students' initiative.
  4. Support the IAB Scholarship Endowment and IAB Fund
    The most direct material impact that the IAB has in helping the IMSE student body is by awarding four annual merit-based scholarships to IMSE students. The scholarship recipients are chosen by the IMSE Scholarship Committee.

Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering Industrial Advisory Board Brochure

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