Texas Tech University

Global Bridge Program

The Global Bridge Program at Texas Tech University (TTU) enables international undergraduate (UG) students to complete their bachelor's degree and accelerate their graduate (GR) degree program at TTU. Students enrolled in the program will spend 3 years at the collaborating university and 2 years at Texas Tech. The collaborating university nominates UG students before their final year of completing their bachelor's degree, and qualified students will be admitted into the Global Bridge Program. Upon successful completion of the required courses in the 1st year at TTU, the collaborating university awards the student's bachelor's degree. Students will then be admitted to the TTU Graduate School to finish their master's degree in the 2nd year. Up to 9 GR hours from the 1st year will apply toward a TTU graduate program, thereby accelerating completion of a graduate degree.

Course Plan

  • Year 1: 5 undergraduate courses+3 graduate courses +ESL5310

    • The undergraduate courses can be chosen from:
      • IE3311 Deterministic Operations Research
      • IE3328 Production Systems Control
      • IE3346 Quality Assurance and Engineering Statistics
      • IE4316 Simulation Systems Modeling
      • IE4352 Manufacturing Engineering II
      • IE4333 Senior Design (Required)
    • Students are required to take ESL 5310 Professional Communication in English
    • Students can choose any 3 graduate level courses offered by the IMSE department at Texas Tech
  • Year 2: 7 graduate courses

    • In the 2nd year at Texas Tech, students will take 7 graduate courses to fulfill the master's degree requirement of 10 courses (30 credit hours)
    • 5 out of the 10 courses need to be core courses.


3rd Year at collaborating university (Fall – Spring)

  • Collaborating university nominates qualified students
  • Students submit applications (Deadline: Feb. 2nd)
    • Required documents:
      • Transcripts
      • Personal Statement
      • Financial Documents
      • TOEFL or IELTS score (if already taken)
  • Receive official admission letter and I-20
  • Apply for U.S. visa and prepare for travel

1st Year at TTU (Fall, Mid-August – Summer, July)

  • Take 5 undergraduate courses, 3 graduate courses, and 1 English course
  • Take GRE (if not already taken at the time of application)
  • Receive confirmation from your home university that you have met the requirement to complete and receive your bachelor's degree
  • Prepare and submit documents to extend I-20

2nd Year at TTU (Fall, Mid-August – Summer, July)

  • Take 7 graduate courses
  • Submit final transcripts from collaborating university with official confirmation of the bachelor's degree
  • Receive the M.S. degree
  • Apply for OPT if students are interested in working in the U.S. after graduation


Dr. Bryan Norman | Professor and Department Chair Email: bryan.norman@ttu.edu

Dr. Dongping Du | Assistant Professor, Global Bridge Program Coordinator Email: dongping.du@ttu.edu


Industrial, Manufacturing & Systems Engineering