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Industrial engineers gain knowledge and experience in the areas of applied optimization, data analytics, engineering management, supply chain and logistics, transportation, healthcare delivery, medical decision making, economic and cost analysis, ergonomics, and safety. They also build on that knowledge to integrate decision support systems. The department is also developing research and coursework in the emerging areas of advanced and additive manufacturing utilizing a systems approach.

AMML_BannerAdvanced Manufacturing and Materials Laboratory (AMML)

Primary Investigator:
Dr. Weilong Cong

The Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Lab is located in rooms 108A and 111A of the newly renovated IMSE department building. The PIs conduct researches on laser additive manufacturing, rotary ultrasonic machining, ultrasonic vibration-assisted manufacturing, nanomechanical and tribological testing, remanufacturing, sustainable manufacturing, and life-cycle assessment.

BioPrintingBioprinting and Biofabrication Laboratory

Primary Investigator:
Dr. Changxue Xu

The Bioprinting and Biofabrication Lab focuses on applications of advanced manufacturing technology in biomanufacturing. Our research interests include:

  • 3D bioprinting of tissue-engineered blood vessels
  • Organs-on-chips
  • Cell printing and cell encapsulation
  • Cell-biomaterial interaction and cell migration
  • Additive manufacturing of functional materials

The lab is equipped with several 3D bioprinting and biofabrication systems, such as inkjet printing system, microextrusion system, and dynamic optical projection stereolithography system.

cadCAD/CAM Laboratory

Phone: 806.742.3543

The Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing Laboratory is maintained in the Department of Industrial Engineering. The lab allows students and faculty to work with the latest computer-aided design and numerical control equipment including computer-controlled turning and milling centers, CAD work stations equipped with the latest CAD/CAM/FEM/Visualization software and computer vision systems.

CSMCO LabComplex System Modeling, Control, and Optimization (CSMCO) Laboratory

Primary Investigator:
Dr. Dongping Du

The Complex System Modeling, Control, and Optimization Laboratory develops advanced modeling and optimization techniques for process monitoring and control, system diagnostics and prognostics and performance optimization in various applications such as healthcare, biomedicine, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Human PerformanceHuman Performance and Neuro-engineering Laboratory

Primary Investigator:
Suman K. Chowdhury 

The Human Performance and Neuro-engineering Laboratory allows students and faculty to investigate human interactions with tools, equipment, and decision-making. Equipment includes an expansive array of anthropometry, biomechanics, and work physiology apparatus, as well as capabilities in the use of virtual reality and teleoperation to enhance performance design.

Tan LabTissue Assembly and Nanofabrication (TAN) Laboratory

Primary Investigator:
Dr. George Z. Tan

The Tissue Assembly and Nanofabrication (TAN) Laboratory focuses on research and development of novel fabrication technologies for multifunctional materials and biomimetic structures. This lab provides a state-of-the-art environment for exploration and innovation in micro- and nano-fabrication engineering and aims to incubate solutions for biomedical and environmental challenges. Technologies include 3D bioprinting, electrospinning, direct-write photolithography, and crystal self-assembly.

share-labSafety, Human factors, And Resilience Engineering (SHARE) Lab

Primary Investigator:
Dr. Changwon Son

Industrial, Manufacturing & Systems Engineering