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The Tech Robotics Association is a student organization founded to support the local K-12 robotics community though the process of volunteering, mentorship, outreach, and other projects. In doing so, the Tech Robotics Association provides a way for students to stay involved in the world of robotics past their K-12 education careers, with the chance to give back to programs they were involved in. Together, the organization plays a critical role in inspiring the next generation of students to pursue careers and majors in robotics and STEM.

Organization Activities

The Tech Robotics Association is involved with the K-12 robotics community in a variety of ways. See below a description of the different activities the Tech Robotics Association pursues


  • TRAThe Tech Robotics Association helps support the local robotics community by volunteering to support the different the robotics competitions, including the competitions provided by the STEM Outreach Program. Roles have included being referees, judging, robot inspections, field setup, tech support, scorekeeping, and much more.
  • If you are a Tech student interested in getting involved supporting our local robotics competitions, or a representative of a student organization that would like to be involved,  please send an email to the contact below.


  • TRAThe Tech Robotics Association works to recruit, train, and support Tech students who would like to be involved with a robotics program or team as a mentor. Mentors help support and advise the local robotics teams, sharing their knowledge and experiences with students, whether it be in robot design, team management, programming, outreach, marketing, building, electronics, and so on.
  • Are you looking to be a mentor for a robotics team? Are you a robotics teacher or coach in need of a mentor? Please send an email or check out the first mentor database.
  • First Mentor Database


  • TRAThe Tech Robotics Association helps provide outreach opportunities to raise awareness and educate parents, teachers, and students alike, about the world of robotics.
  • Outreach activities include:
          • Providing robotics activities at STEM nights, expos, and parties.
          • Providing robotics booths at engineering outreach events.
          • Providing workshops.
          • Helping start robotics clubs.
          • Training teachers and other personnel on using and implementing robotics related materials.
          • Bringing robot demonstrations through class visits.
          • Hosting robotics related events at Raider Welcome.  
          • Collaborating with other student organizations and non-profits to provide robotics opportunities.
  • If you would like the Tech Robotics Association's help in bringing a robotics event or activity to your school or organization, please refer to the contact below. 


  • TRAThe Tech Robotics Association occasionally works on other projects to help benefit the local robotics community.
  • Current Projects:
          • FTC Robot in 3 Days
          • FLL Robot in 3 Days
          • Best Outreach Robot


For more information about the organization itself, including information about joining, membership requirements, meeting times, etc.

Tech Robotics Association




For more information about volunteering, mentors, and outreach events.

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