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Dream Big Engineering Fair

fair5Over 1500 community members from Lubbock and surrounding areas attended.

The Future is Yours for the Making! DREAM BIG Engineering Fair was held Saturday, February 10th (10:00am to 3:00pm) at the Science Spectrum.

Who: The Lubbock Science Spectrum and Texas Tech University's Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering partnered to host a community engineering fair in celebration of National Engineers Week.

Families attending the fair were able to participate in tons of amazing hands-on engineering based activities, see examples of real-world research and development of new technologies in areas like solar and wind energy, drones, race cars, robotics, explosives, as well as discovering what engineers really do and what a career in engineering is all about.

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Stuntman Steve Wolf Ignites Interest In STEM With 'Science In The Movies' Presentation

The "Science in the Movies" show gets students excited about science and gives them clear and memorable examples of key science concepts in action.

With every stunt Wolf emphasized health and safety, including seat belts; home fire safety planning; stop, drop and roll; anti-smoking; lightning safety; and healthful eating. He also showed students that violence in movies is really just science in a different form – an explosion is nothing more than the interplay of circuits, pressure and force.

"Action entertainment is a proven way to get and hold kids' attention," Wolf said. "We're using that attention to teach the basics of physics, chemistry, mathematics, mechanics, heat, electronics, engineering and computers."