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2022-2023 Distinguished Engineers

Distinguished Engineer Award Recipients:

Mr. Mark Gary (2022)
1998 B.S. Electrical Engineering, Computer Science

Mr. John J. Bick (2023)
1989 B.S. Construction Engineering

Mr. Juan J. Nevarez (2023)
1995 B.S. Petroleum Engineering

Mr. J. Greg Sargent (2023)
1982 B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Young Distinguished Engineer Award Recipient:

Mr. John G. Hall (2022)
2013 – B.S. in Petroleum Engineering

Mr. Ruslan Filyukov (2023)
2009 – B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

About the Distinguished Engineer Award

The Distinguished Engineer Award was established during the 1966–1967 academic year to recognize the most outstanding former students of the Whitacre College of Engineering. Since that time, 230 former students of the Whitacre College of Engineering have received this honor. Recipients of the award must be distinguished in their profession, an inspiration to their peers, and have demonstrated a continuing interest in areas outside the field of engineering.

Nominate a Former Student for the Distinguished Engineer Award

To nominate an individual for the Distinguished Engineer Award, visit the Distinguished Engineer Nominations page.

Distinguished Engineer Archives

Full biographies, citations, and photos of all of the Whitacre College of Engineering Distinguished Engineers can be found in the Past Distinguished Engineers Archives.