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Engineering A Global Future

The Whitacre College of Engineering has entered a unique window in time with the opportunity to take the college to the next level and provide our students with the best education possible. In conjunction with the 2025 strategic plan, the Whitacre College of Engineering has set 5 funding priorities:

• Endow the International Engineering Program to prepare our student for a globally competitive business world

• Renovate Holden Hall to provide our students state-of the-art classrooms and learning spaces, a safety training laboratory to introduce them to best practices in safety, a discovery laboratory to allow them to develop potential IP and spaces for our STEAM outreach activities.

• Endow Chairs and Professorships to recognize our outstanding teaching and research faculty and bring in the best research and teaching talent from around to globe

• Renovate all our existing teaching laboratories to bring the latest in hands on learning to our engineers

• Endow fellowships to attract the best graduate talent world wide

All of this is designed to produce engineers sound in their engineering and science fundamentals; who are innovative, entrepreneurial, and able to learn on their own; safety conscious; and who have the ability to solve complex multidimensional problems with a thorough understanding of their societal and environmental impacts. Please join us in 'Engineering A Global Future' by making the Whitacre College of Engineering a globally elite, internationally known producer of tomorrow's technology leaders.

 Global Future

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