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The Whitacre College of Engineering is pioneering the path for students to collaborate with international institutions while gaining firsthand experience on a global scale. The International Engineering Program will send all undergraduate students abroad, with around 1,000 students venturing abroad each year, through study, internships, research, and service opportunities. This allows students to find for themselves an important awareness of global business practices, cross-cultural communication skills, language fluency and the ability to thrive in any environment. From here, students will have a profound impact not only on a national but an international scale.

After an international experience, our students...
• Are more self-confident professionals
• Are more culturally aware individuals
• Have gained professional experience in living and working abroad
• Improved their ability to handle open-ended (tolerance for ambiguity) problems

The college seeks to ensure the international experience is attainable for all students. Providing scholarships and other resources necessary for students to go abroad will lead to an invaluable investment in these students as well as the engineering industry as a whole.

Below, hear from students who have gone abroad and contact a WCOE development officer to find out how you can help.


Study Abroad Students


Internship Abroad Students

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