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Where can engineering students go? Anywhere they want to!

WCOE students can go on any of the programs listed on the Texas Tech University Study Abroad page. Currently, there are over 200 programs to choose from! While some programs require certain pre-requisites, others can be joined regardless of where you are in your degree program. Some programs are more likely to help you get ahead in your degree than others. But the choice is yours.

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Global Experience . It is strongly recommended that undergraduate students complete a global experience before they graduate. Examples of recommended global experiences include :

  • Academic Study Abroad (TTU-approved faculty-led programs, traditional reciprocal exchange agreements, or third-party programs, a minimum of 4 weeks and 3 course credit hours). Maymester or summer programs, semester or year abroad.
  • Internship, Research or Service abroad.

  • Whether you want to take classes, do research, take part in an internship, or do volunteer work, there are options for you.

    Let us help you find the right program for you. It might be 4 weeks in Spain, an internship in New Zealand, or an academic year in Ireland. What are you interested in?

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