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Endowed Chairs or Professorships

sealEndowed Chairs

Endowed chairs are one of the highest honors that the Whitacre College of Engineering can bestow upon a faculty member. Funding provided by a chair often is used to attract an expert in a particular field of study in an effort to advance that or a related field or to solve scientific questions and issues. Such endowed positions provide a reliable source of annual support for the academic and research efforts of distinguished faculty, and can be used for the professor's teaching, research, service activities, and programs.

Endowed Professorships

Endowed professorships are a coveted and widely recognized accolade, recognizing a faculty member who has made significant contributions to his or her field and the university. Funding provided by a professorship provides long-term financial stability and is often used to augment a faculty member's salary in order to remain competitive. Funds may also be used for research, service activities, and programs.


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