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Whitacre College of Engineering Job Fair

You may not realize this, but finding your dream job is actually a full-time job in and of itself. Sending resumes, applying, researching the companies, and preparing for interviews is a time-intensive process. That's why the College of Engineering has two job fairs every year. We bring the companies to you! Our goal isn't just to give you one of the best educations in the world. We want to ensure that when you complete your studies, you can properly showcase what you've learned by getting the job that will put you on the path to success. 

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Meet the Companies

“Meet the companies,” is probably the most important piece of advice students can hear when looking for a job, but many students don't take enough opportunities to follow through.

The Whitacre College of Engineering Job Fair is the perfect chance to meet companies looking for Texas Tech engineers. Whether you are a graduating senior looking for a full-time position, a sophomore or junior looking for an internship or co-op, or a freshman just curious about the future, come to the Engineering Job Fair, meet the companies, and find out what careers in engineering are all about.

Secure Your Future

The next Engineering Job Fair will be held on February 23 and 24, 2021 on the CareerEco virtual events platform. You will be able to connect with engineering employers from all over the industry via text and video chats.

It's not too early to start getting ready! Prepare your resume using our recommended template (available on the Career Resources page and on Job Grid). Once you have a draft, email your resume to coe.careers.critiques@ttu.edu for a virtual critique.

Virtual Fair FAQs

  • Who is invited? This event will be held exclusively for Whitacre College of Engineering students and alumni.
  • Where will the event be held? The event will be held on the CareerEco virtual events platform. Although the event is accessible on mobile devices and tablets, you must use Chrome or Firefox on a laptop or desktop to enable video features.
  • When will the event be held? This semester's fair will be held over the course of two days to enable you to adjust to the platform and talk to more companies. Not every company will attend both days, so you should plan to attend both days of the event and talk to as many companies as possible. The event will be come and go as always.
  • What companies are attending? The list of companies attending the Fair will be updated regularly on Job Grid via the Employers tab. You can also see who is attending along with more information on the companies once they create their CareerEco profile for the Fair.
  • How will I interact with companies?
    • Your Profile: Once you register on CareerEco, you will create a profile that includes your resume which can be viewed by employers before and during the Fair.
    • Indicating Interest in Companies: Take some time before the Fair to check the "Interest" box by companies you want to talk to. Employers will see that you have indicated interest in their specific company.
    • Group Chats: During the Fair, you will enter into group chat rooms with companies, give your elevator pitch in text format, and have a chance to ask questions and interact with representatives. You can be in up to three chat rooms at one time.
    • Individual Chats: After you are in a company's group chat, employers can choose to initiate a one-on-one chat with you which will feel more like an interview. Individual chats can be in text or video format depending on the company's preference.
  • How can I prepare? Resumes will be more important in the virtual fair than ever before. Make sure to get your resume critiqued at least one time before the Fair, if not multiple times. Look out for Job Fair preparation emails and training information on Job Grid and via your Texas Tech email as we get closer to the Fair.
  • How do I register? You will need to create a profile and sign up for both Fair days on the CareerEco platform. Links and instructions will be provided via Job Grid and your Texas Tech email.