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Video Captioning

Because caption files are separate from a video file, the video must be placed into a platform (Mediasite, YouTube, etc.) that has the capability to support both files. Mediasite is the recommended and supported platform for captioning and sharing videos at Texas Tech University. These platforms allow both the video file and the caption file to be shown at the same time.

Learn more about Mediasite and its features here or contact mediasite@ttu.edu with questions about moving your videos into Mediasite.

Open vs. Closed 

There are two types of captions: open and closed. Both assist viewers with hearing disabilities as well as those listening in quiet places, learning a new language, or trying to understand a difficult accent.

Open captions, like subtitles, are always visible and the viewer has no option of turning them off. Open captions are not encouraged as they sometimes cover content on the screen and don't provide the viewer with control. Closed captions combine a caption file and a video file to provide the viewer with the option of turning captions on when desired. This type of captioning meets the legal requirement for videos and therefore standard practice at Texas Tech University.

How to Create Captions

YouTube Captioning Instructions

YouTube has an auto-captioning service, but unfortunately, the captions created this way are not accurate enough to meet the legal standard. These auto-captions can be a great place to start but additional editing must happen to make compliant video captions. Here are instructions for creating, editing and uploading captions on YouTube

MovieCaptioner Captioning Instructions

MovieCaptioner is a software available for Texas Tech through the eRaider software download service. It is best suited for Mac users, but it does work using Windows as well. There is a series of MovieCaptioner video tutorials provided to help you learn to use the software.

To download MovieCaptioner, log in to eRaider and navigate to Software Download. Select your operating system and then select MovieCaptioner to download. Currently, MovieCaptioner is only available for faculty and staff at Texas Tech. Students interested in using MovieCaptioner should contact elearning.oa@ttu.edu

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