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Mediasite is a complete rich media webcasting and publishing system that automates the capture, management and delivery of interactive multimedia presentations.

Enterprise Video Platform

This video platform can be used to house and deliver video content for online academic courses, staff and student training, and to preserve special events. Mediasite has the ability to import existing media or live stream an event to a wide audience.

Security and Analytics

The video platform allows granular control of viewership privileges and provides robust analytics to help track who has viewed content and other important data.

Search & Accessibility

Mediasite has a user-friendly search function to help viewers find the content they need. Data within presentations can also be made searchable through automated optical character recognition. Mediasite provides content managers with an easy way to add industry-standard .SAMI caption files to video content.

Training & Support

Technology Support will provide training to the departmental administrators who are tasked with maintaining a folder within the Mediasite Presentation Catalog, setup and provide access to the individual departmental folder on the system, provide Mediasite recorders and other necessary equipment or consultation for purchasing and setting up new Recorders, and maintain the high availability Mediasite server. To request additional information or schedule training, please visit our short course schedule or contact Mediasite support.


The Mediasite Recorder is a purpose-built media recording appliance designed with your presenters in mind. Recorders are designed to capture any in-room presentation, remote event or video conference.

The Texas Tech University IT Division has worked with Sonic Foundry to negotiate discounted pricing for areas that wish to utilize this technology. The TTU IT Division also provides access to the Enterprise Media Site server system for the use of those areas to store and stream the recordings they produce.

In addition, Technology Support has two (2) portable Mediasite Recorder setups available for short-term loan. These portable systems consist of a portable recording unit and cables, a HD camcorder, a directional microphone, and a tripod. This equipment may be checked out for TTU events by full-time TTU faculty and staff by selecting the link below.

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