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ATLC Policies

Open Access Area and Lab Use

In order to use the PC or Mac microcomputer labs, a user must log in using his or her eRaider username and password. Headphones and other equipment are available at the Information Desk with a valid Texas Tech ID. The ID will be kept at the Information Desk while the user is using the equipment. When the user wishes to leave, he or she must check in the equipment at the Information Desk. The ID should be picked up at this point.

Disabled Access Priority Area Policy

The Disabled Access Priority Area (DAPA) in the ATLC Open Access Area is available to all current students, faculty, and staff of Texas Tech University; however, priority is given to disabled users who may have physical difficulty using the computers in the micro labs due to mobility problems (for example, users in wheelchairs). A disabled user has priority over non-disabled users on the wait list for the DAPA.

If a disabled person needs access to one of the DAPA computers that is occupied, the current user (if non-disabled) will have five minutes to vacate the station for the disabled person.

Questions regarding the guidelines for the Disabled Access Priority Area may be directed to the Technology Support Academic Facilities Manager at (806) 742-1650.

ATLC Property

Technology Support property may not be removed from the ATLC.

Equipment checked out from the ATLC (including headphones and software) may be used only in their designated areas and must be returned immediately after use.

Unauthorized copying of software or other misuse/abuse of software, equipment, materials, rules, or the facilities in general may result in loss of ATLC privileges and/or other University disciplinary action.

Outside equipment may not be used in the ATLC. Laptops may be used in designated areas.

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