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Visually Impaired Access Stations

The Visually Impaired Access Stations in the Advanced Technology Learning Center (ATLC) are available to all current visually impaired students, faculty, and staff of Texas Tech University. All current ATLC policies will apply to the Visually Impaired Access Station (e.g., eRaider accounts are required). If a conflict arises between existing ATLC policies and the guidelines for use of the Visually Impaired Station, the following guidelines will prevail:

  • If a visually impaired person needs access to the computer and the Visually Impaired Station is occupied, then regular ATLC wait list guidelines will apply.
  • The regular wait list guidelines, which include a two-hour time limit, will not be imposed on a visually impaired user unless another visually impaired user needs the station.

Questions on the clarification of guidelines for the Visually Impaired Access Stations may be directed to the Technology Support Academic Facilities Manager.

These machines are available in the ATLC Main's Open Access Area, PC-1 and PC-2 Labs

Disabled Access Priority Area

The Disabled Access Priority Area (DAPA) in the ATLC Open Access Area is available to all current students, faculty, and staff of Texas Tech University; however, priority is given to disabled users who may have physical difficulty using the computers in the micro labs due to mobility problems (for example, users in wheelchairs). A disabled user has priority over non-disabled users on the wait list for the DAPA.

These machines are identical to those in the ATLC Main's Open Access Area.

Visually Impaired Access Stations

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