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Student Assessment

There are many ways to assess student learning in an online course. Choices might depend on course content, the instructor's teaching style, students' learning styles, class size, and the purpose of the course. Below are suggestions and resources to help you in making your assessments with integrity and address concerns about the prevention of cheating.

Assessment Suggestions

Your Syllabus

Be sure to state your assessment policies clearly in your online syllabus:

  • Include clear course objectives (Student Learning Objectives) so students will know how to direct their efforts and understand how their work will be evaluated.
  • Include a clear statement of how you will assess student learning.
  • Include the institutional policy regarding academic dishonesty.
  • Include information on the weight of each assignment or exam in the overall course grade.


Be sure the assessments are aligned with the course-level objectives (Student Learning Outcomes), module-level learning objectives, and learning activities.

Formative and Summative Assessment

Consider using formative assessment (an informal assessment that is done along the way, without taking a grade) along with your summative assessments.

  • Formative assessment can help the instructor know what is unclear to students and intervene accordingly. Formative assessment can also be used when you allow students to submit drafts and get feedback. They will use the feedback to improve the final versions of their assignments.
  • Summative assessment is used at the end of a module, assignment, unit of study, or course for the purpose of recording a grade. Feedback can and should be given for summative assessments, too, although the grade is usually final.

Resources for Assessment

The Worldwide eLearning Instructional Design (ID) team offers informal consultations to help you select the best type of assessments for your online course and to create your assessments for online delivery.

Respondus Quiz Tool

A software tool that we can teach you to use to create and manage exams.

Respondus Quiz Tool

Respondus LockDown Browser

The Lockdown Browser can be used to deter cheating by locking down the online testing environment and preventing printing, copying, accessing a Website, or e-mail.

Respondus LockDown Browser

Proctorio Online Proctoring Tool

Proctorio is an online proctoring tool with identity verification, test monitoring, and a number of other features to ensure academic integrity. It is integrated into Blackboard and requires no changes to the content of your course and no extra software downloads are necessary.

Proctorio Online Proctoring Tool