Texas Tech University

Video Production Lab


The Online Video Lab team can help plan and create educational, entertaining videos to help you capture your students' attention. Making videos for your class can be a daunting task, but our team will work with you through the entire process, from development and planning through distribution and technical requirements.


Resources available at the video lab include:

  • Concept Development
  • Script Assistance
  • Green Screen
  • Learning Glass Lightboard
  • 4K Video Cameras
  • LED Studio Lighting
  • Mediasite Streaming
  • 2D Motion Graphics Development
  • Copyright-free Music Library

If you're interested in utilizing the video lab for your course, please submit your request using the form below. If you have any questions, please feel free contact us at:

A man wearing a red shirt and a woman wearing a navy blue sweater stand in front of a green screen in the background of the photo while a black camera with a red light rests in the foreground.