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eLearning Blackboard Support Team Has Resources For You!

By Leslie DeBusk, Associate Director of Blackboard Support

The Fall 2021 semester begins this month and the Blackboard Support team is here to serve you. We provide many training resources to faculty members who are new to Blackboard technology or want to advance their knowledge of the platform. Here are some resources for you to help start the semester off right!

Blackboard Resources

To get everyone started with the basics of Blackboard, we have a Blackboard Basics document detailing the basic functions of Blackboard. This includes the My Institution page information, how to access courses, menu items in a course and definitions.

The Assignment Tool and Test Tool can be used to assess your students. In each of these tools, you can provide feedback to your students, and you can also give Audio/Video Feedback for a more personal feedback message.

The TTU Blackboard Quick Links document provides links to collaboration tools, content tools, proctoring tools and more.

Visit our Blackboard Support page for a full list of Blackboard Training documents and other support resources. You can log in to Blackboard from our page as well.

Live Courses vs. Development Courses

One of the great features of Blackboard is the ability to build out your courses in advance before making them live. This means there are two types of courses in Blackboard, Live courses and Development courses. Here is some more information about the two.

Live courses are the courses you will teach from and they contain the student enrollments. Once your department has assigned you as the instructor of record, you will see your course in your Course List in Blackboard.

Development courses are courses where you can develop your course and then copy the course to the live course. Keep in mind that if you copy the course more than once, it will not override what is already in the live course.

We are committed to offering the best support possible to TTU faculty using Blackboard. Please, do not hesitate to contact us at blackboard@ttu.edu or 806-742-5933 for assistance.