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Lubbock, Texas is located in northwest Texas. Considered to be at the center of the South Plains, the area is located between the Permian Basin to the south and the Texas Panhandle to the north. Lubbock's official elevation is 3,256 feet.
Lubbock was named after Thomas S. Lubbock, a former Texas Ranger and Confederate officer. His brother, Francis R. Lubbock, was the governor of Texas during the Civil War.

The county of Lubbock was founded in 1876. The settlement that is the present-day city of Lubbock was not formed until late 1890. Two settlements within the county, Old Lubbock and Monterey, were combined to form the settlement of Lubbock. During the following year, the settlement of Lubbock was named the county seat for Lubbock County. The city was incorporated on March 16, 1909.
Shortly after incorporation, rail service was established in Lubbock. As agriculture continued to grow within the region and as the railroads continued to expand, Lubbock became the marketing center of the region and earned the name "Hub of the Plains".

Lubbock continued to grow as the city's opportunities increased. In 1925, Texas Technological College opened its doors, providing Lubbock with a major boost to its economy. While Lubbock felt the effects of the Great Depression, the city started to bounce back with the opening of two military training bases during World War II. After the war, Lubbock experienced a tremendous growth rate. During the '40s, Lubbock's rate of growth was second nationally only to Albuquerque. Lubbock experienced its worst disaster on May 11, 1970, when a tornado, considered to be one of the strongest in recorded history, came through the center of town, wreaking havoc over three square miles of the city. Twenty-six people were killed and there was more than $135 million in damage. The city quickly repaired or replaced the damaged buildings. Part of this renovation included the construction of the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, built as a memorial to those who died from this devastating tornado. The 2014 estimated population of Lubbock is 293,974. Lubbock continues to grow, relying on the vast agricultural industry of the area as well as on a variety of manufacturing facilities.

Images first row left: Lubbock downtown skyline, image, first row right: Downtown Lubbock in the 1950s, image, Second row left: Lubbock showing a thunderstorm, image, Second row right: windmills against a sunset sky, image, Third row left: Lubbock Memorial Civic Center in the daytime, image, Third row right: 1940s photo of Administration building at Texas Tech, image, Last row left: Old painting of the first courthouse in Lubbock circa early 1900s, image, Last row right: Cotton field in the daytime with clouds in the sky rolling in, photo sources: texas tech today, lubbock county historical commission, pinterest, swing wing productions, national weather service southern region-erin shaw, texas farm bureau