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Tips for Hiring Managers

If the job posting lists certain “minimum requirements” as a mandatory hiring requirement for the job then ensure that all candidates interviewed for that position meet those minimum requirements.

If a veteran is not interviewed for a job because they do not meet those minimum requirements you will be in violation of Government Code 657 if interview any other candidate who also does not meet those same minimum requirements.

Understanding how military experience pertains to jobs at Texas Tech can be difficult. If you have questions about how a veteran applicants military career pertains to a specific job contact the Veteran's Liaison in Human Resources and have that veterans experience explained in terms that are relevant to the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have no one claiming veteran preference in my applicant pool? Do I have to find a veteran to interview?

No. If there are no veterans in your applicant pool then you are exempt from the interview requirements mandated by Government Code 657

I have a veteran in my applicant pool who does not meet the minimum requirements of the job posting. Do I still have to interview that veteran?

No. You do not have to interview a veteran candidate if they do not meet the minimum requirements of the job posting. Please mark the candidates HR status as "does not meet minimum requirements". Make sure you also exclude every other applicant who does not meet the same minimum requirements.

What if I attempt to contact a veteran for an interview and they do not respond to my email or voicemails?

If you make several honest attempts to contact a veteran for an interview and cannot reach that individual then you are not required to interview that veteran. If this happens please contact the Veterans Liaison so that your attempts to set up an interview may be documented in the applicant's talent record.

I have an applicant that is claiming veteran's preference in their application and lists military service in their work history but did not include a DD 214 in their application. Do they qualify for veteran's preference and do I have to interview them?

No. In order for veterans to qualify for veterans preference they must include a DD 214 (Certificate of Discharge or Release from Active Duty) to verify that they have served on active duty and have been released with and honorable discharge.

Do I have to do a face to face interview or will a phone interview suffice?

A phone interview will satisfy the requirements of Government Code 657.

What is the Veteran "Direct Appoint" option?

The Military Veteran Full Employment Act creates an option for hiring managers to direct appoint a veteran into an open job without advertising the job.

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