Texas Tech University

Applicant FAQs


How can I apply for a position at Texas Tech University?


  • All positions can be found at www.workattexastech.com
  • Once on the career webpage, you can either scroll through the entire list or use a search options: keyword, title, and job category are located at the top of the page, or use location, extended job title, or department under the Advanced Search option.
  • Click the title of the job you are interested in to view complete details about the position.
  • To apply for the position, click the Apply to Job button at the bottom of the page.
  • Next, you may either create log-in credentials or use ones previously set-up, to log in to the system.
  • You will be asked a series of questions regarding past and present work history and be provided the opportunity to upload your resume and supporting documentation. Any sections marked with a red asterisk are required.
  • On the last page you will need read the certification and use an electronic signature to acknowledge the application.
  • Finally, you will be able to review and/or edit each section of your application. Once you are satisfied with the information you have provided, click Send My Application.


If you are unable or limited in your ability to use or access the application system due to a disability, limited English proficiency, or other reasons you may contact Human Resources at 806-742-3851, e-mail:hrs.recruiting@ttu.edu or visit our office in the Texas Tech University Doak Conference Center, 2518 15th Street (15th & University), Lubbock, Texas, for assistance. 

Recommendations for screen readers, such as JAWS & Rational Policy Tester, are to use Mozilla Firefox web browser.

What is a veteran's preference?


    · Texas Government Code 657 provides employment preference to veterans, including those with disabilities; surviving spouses who have not remarried; and orphans of veterans who were killed on active duty.


· Individuals who qualify for veteran's preference are entitled to a preference in employment with or appointment to the University over other applicants for the same positions who do not have greater qualifications.

Who is a Veteran?

A veteran is a person who:

• Has served in:


  • The Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Marine Corps of the United States, or the United States Public Health Service under 42 U.S.S. Section 201 et seq., as amended:



  • The Texas Military forces as defined by Section 437.001 of the Texas Government Code; or



  • An auxiliary service of one of those branches of the armed forces; and



  • Has been honorably discharged from the branch of the service in which the person served.


How do I apply for a position using the veteran's employment preference?


  • Applicants will be asked questions as part of the application process that will be used determine eligibility. Additionally, applicants should attach a DD Form 214 showing an honorable discharge with their other application documents.


Does the veteran's employment preference guarantee to be hired or interviewed?


  • For an eligible individual to be interviewed, the individual must meet the same required qualifications for the position as every other applicant. If the individual does not meet the required qualifications, then the individual will not be interviewed.



  • For an eligible applicant to be hired, the applicant must be the best qualified applicant for the position as determined by the hiring manager. If the applicant is not the best applicant for the position, they will not be hired.


Are there resources available to help veteran's find a job, write a resume, and prepare for an interview?


  • There are organizations that can help veterans and their family members find and prepare for meaningful employment.  Links to many of those organizations can be found on the Texas Veterans Portal Webpage. https://veterans.portal.texas.gov/


Who can I contact for more information about the Veteran's Employment Preference?

Please contact Adrian Romero at: a.r.romero@ttu.edu or 806-742-3851.

On average, how long does it take to complete an application?

  • On average it takes 30-45 minutes for an initial submission.  Subsequent applications should go faster because the system will remember some of your answers.

Can I apply for more than one job?

  • Yes, but not at the same time.  An application will need to be submitted for each opening in which you have an interest.

The application asks for my Social Security Number but I'm not comfortable providing it on my application, is there a way to skip that part?

  • In order to comply with Texas Tech University System Regulation 01.09, there must be a way to uniquely identify all application submissions. The collection of social security numbers serves to facilitate this need. The social security number is stored in our system in an encrypted format. Texas Tech University has implemented reasonable physical, administrative and technical safeguards to help us protect information from unauthorized access or use.

I do not have Social Security Number, how can I submit my application?

  • Contact Talent Acquisition at hrs.recruiting@ttu.edu to request a number to use for the application process.

How should I address my cover letter?

  • It is advised to address the cover letter with “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Hiring Committee.”

When can I expect to hear about the position?

  • Each department utilizes their own timeline for recruiting and review. Once a decision is made regarding your application, you will be contacted via email or phone.

Can I edit my application once it has been submitted?

  • Once an application has been submitted it cannot be edited. However, if additional documentation needs to be added, contact Talent Acquisition at hrs.recruiting@ttu.edu

How can I unlock my account or reset my information if I have forgotten the information used to set-up the account?

  • From the https://www.workattexastech.com website, click on the box with the type of job for which you last applied (Faculty/Staff/Student), then from the log-in section, and click “Forgot Username or Password.” And follow the system prompts to retrieve previously used information.  If that this process does not work, please contact Talent Acquisition at hrs.recruiting@ttu.eduor 806-742-3851.

What benefits are provided with employment?

I was not selected for a position, can I find out why?

  • The hiring department may or may not provide follow-up information to applicants.  It is at their discretion. Human Resources is not part of the decision-making process, so in most cases the information is not available.

How much does a position pay?

  • Please refer to the job posting for compensation for specific positions. The university's complete pay plan can be found on the Human Resources website, https://www.depts.ttu.edu/hr/PayPlan/

What does “800” Pay Grade mean?

  • Pay grade “800” is our non-classified pay plan which is for positions which are often one of a kind, used by a small number of employees, or faculty-related and allows flexibility to address the university's unique job market.  Non-classified positions typically require a specific degree and/or specialized training.

Will I receive a notification if I am not selected for a position?

  • All applicants will receive an email indicating if they were not selected for a position.

Am I able to contact the hiring department?

  • Only if contact information is provided on the job posting.

Who can answer questions about the application process?

Can I save the application to finish later?

  • Yes, there is an option on the application to save to finish later.

I'm having trouble applying on my device, is there somewhere on campus I can apply?

  • Yes, visit the Human Resources office in Doak Conference Center located on the north side of the larger parking lot off 15th and University. The Human Resources office has computers available for public use, weekdays, from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

How do I send in my supporting documentation for my application?

  • It is recommended to attach all supporting documentation during the application process.  If you have difficulty, the documents can be emailed to Talent Acquisition at hrs.recruiting@ttu.edu.

Can a paper application be submitted for a position?

  • In order to be considered for any open position, you must apply through the Texas Tech University applicant tracking system. Applications are only accepted electronically. Visit our website www.workattexastech.com to apply.

How many years of work history do I need to provide?

  • Up to 10 years

Do I need to provide my references at the time of submitting my application?

  • Reference requirements are indicated on the job posting.

How can letters of recommendation be added to my application?

What kind of interviews can be expected?

  • Phone, Virtual, and Face-to-Face

If a position requires me to move, will I be reimbursed for moving expenses?

  • Moving expenses are at the hiring department's discretion. It is recommended to discuss this during the interview process.

I tried to go back to complete a saved application and it disappeared, am I able to complete it?

  • In most cases, this indicates the job posting has been closed to additional applications. For other questions about the application, please contact Talent Acquisition at hrs.recruiting@ttu.edu or 806-742-3851.

How can I find out the status of an application?

  • Please visit your Submitted Applications in your Candidate Portal for status updates.

Can I withdraw my application?

  • Yes, please visit your Candidate Portal and select the “Withdraw” link option in your Submitted Applications for the particular job.

I need to submit a portfolio, where can I send it?

  • Please follow the instructions on the job posting or email the portfolio to Talent Acquisition at hrs.recruiting@ttu.edu

Who should be contacted with questions regarding onboarding paperwork?

How often are new positions posted?

  • New jobs are posted daily.

Do I need an email address to apply?

  • Yes, an email address is required for the application process. It is the way in which information will be communicated to you.

Do I receive confirmation my application was received successfully?

  • Yes, applicants will receive an email confirming the submission of each application.

Can a Texas Tech Health Science Center (TTUHSC) employee apply for a Texas Tech University (TTU) position?

  • TTU and the TTUHSC have separate application processes. TTUHSC employees will need to apply for TTU positions as an external applicant.

I'm a current employee of Texas Tech University, which job portal do I utilize to apply for positions?

  • Human Resources recommends current employees use the “Current Employee” portal to apply for open positions.

How can I accept a job offer?

  • Log-in to www.workattexastech.com with the same information you used to apply for the position in which you need to accept the offer.  You will click on Candidate Zone at the top of the page and a drop-down menu will appear, choose the Dashboard and the system will provide you a link in which to review and accept the offer letter.  If you experience difficulty, please contact Talent Acquisition at hrs.recruiting@ttu.edu or 806-742-3851.