Texas Tech University

Misuse or Abuse of Computer Equipment, Programs, or Data

Conduct for which disciplinary action may be taken--in relation to computer equipment, programs, or data--include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Accessing or copying of programs, records, or data belonging to Texas Tech or another user, or copyrighted software, without permission.
  • Attempted or actual transport of copies of Texas Tech programs, records, or data to another person or computer site without written authorization.
  • Attempted or actual breach, destruction, or modification of another user's account or modification of programs, records, or data, which deprives another user of access to Texas Tech computing resources, compromising the privacy of another user, or disrupting the intended use of computing or network resources.
  • Attempted or actual use of Texas Tech's computing resources for personal or financial gain.
  • Attempted or actual use of the computing facilities to interfere with the normal operation of Texas Tech's computing systems; or, through such actions, causing a waste of such resources (people, capacity, computer).
  • Allowing another person, either through one's personal computer account or by other means, to accomplish any of the above.
  • Any violation of federal, state, or Texas Tech computer-use laws and policies or Code of Student Conduct.

Any act or omission that violates federal, state, or local laws or regulations relating to computer equipment, programs, or data and which is not otherwise covered in the Code of Student Conduct is grounds for disciplinary action and referral to the appropriate law enforcement or investigative agency.