Texas Tech University

Student Handbook 2016-2017

A University, like any community, must have regulations and/or standards by which its members abide and procedures by which its organization functions. The standards should provide order and an atmosphere conducive to intellectual and personal development. This Student Handbook and the Code of Student Conduct contained within are intended to serve these purposes in the interest of all segments of Texas Tech University.

Table of Contents

  • Forward
  1. Code of Student Conduct
    1. Student Conduct Mission and Policies
    2. Misconduct
    3. Conduct Procedures for Students
    4. Conduct Procedures for Student Organizations 
  2. Community Policies
    1. Alcohol Policy & Information
    2. Academic Integrity
    3. Anti-Discrimination Policy
    4. Class Absences
    5. Complaint Processes
    6. Financial Responsibility
    7. Freedom of Expression
    8. Gender-based Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination, and Title IX
    9. Housing Requirements
    10. Solicitations, Advertisements and Printed Materials
    11. Student Identification
    12. Student Involvement & Representation
    13. Student Organizations
    14. Student Right to Know Information
    15. Student Records
    16. Use of University Space
    17. Withdrawals
  • Appendix

Autumn Towers

Office of the Dean of Students

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    Suite 201 AA, Student Union Building
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