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Toward the maintenance of a caring, inclusive, and safe community, TTU offers an online reporting system to help students, faculty, staff, families, and friends submit reports detailing observed or known concerns.  Please see below for a list of online reporting options currently available.

When a report is received, staff will review the details of the report, will determine a response that may include available campus resources, and will ask the appropriate department staff to respond to the reported concerns.

**If there is a possibility that a student is attempting to harm himself/herself/themselves or others or if there is an emergency, dial 911 immediately. If your report is an emergency, do not use these forms - call for help as soon as possible.**

Please select the report link from the list below that most closely addresses your concern.

If you have questions about which form to use or other questions, follow the in-text hyperlinked information below for more information.  Or, contact the Office of Student Conduct, 806-742-1714, or the Office of the Dean of Students, 806-742-2984

Academic Integrity Incident Report

Report alleged Academic Integrity violations of the Code of Student Conduct to the Office of Student Conduct

Academic Integrity Incident Report Form

Campus Inclusion Incident Report

Concerns surrounding campus inclusion or impact on our campus climate including hostile environment, discrimination, bias incidents, bullying, incivility, microaggressions, safety and security concerns, etc.

Campus Inclusion Incident Report Form

**While certain speech may not constitute a violation of the Expressive Activities policy at Texas Tech we believe in the power of dialogue to address concerns surrounding campus inclusion.

Student Basic Needs Report

Basic Needs are the most essential resources required to achieve academic goals as a Texas Tech University student. Those needs include but are not limited to: food,    housing, financial education, and basic living supplies (clothing, kitchen essentials, toiletries, etc.) Available resources are found here.

If students need additional assistance, reports can be made here:

Student Basic Needs Report Form

General Student Conduct Incident Report

Report alleged behavioral violations of the Code of Student Conduct to the Office of Student Conduct

General Student Conduct Incident Report Form

Hazing Incident Report

Concerns surrounding alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct concerning behaviors consistent with what may constitute Hazing.

Hazing Incident Report Form

Pregnancy & Childbirth 

Please report any issues, concerns, or remedies regarding pregnancy and childbirth

Pregnancy & Childbirth Report

Student of Concern

Concern about a student in crisis or distress related to academic support, more than five consecutive absences, financial crisis, depression, mental health, injury and illness, substance abuse, disruption, unusual or otherwise disturbing behavior

Student of Concern Report Form

Student Organization Misconduct Incident Report

Concerns related to group or organizational behavior that are alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct.  Activities involving alleged hazing may be reported below

Student Organization Misconduct Incident Report Form

Title IX or Sexual Misconduct Incident Report

Report alleged concerns surrounding Title IX policy related to sex-discrimination.  Title IX policy includes behaviors to include but not limited to interpersonal or dating violence, public indecency, sexual misconduct, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, or sexual assault including nonconsensual sexual contact or sexual intercourse

Title IX or Sexual Misconduct Incident Report Form



Office of the Dean of Students