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  • Emergency: 9-911
  • Non-emergency: 806-742-3931

Homeland Security

Texas Tech Police


Crime(s) in progress should be reported immediately to the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency.

- Students, faculty, staff and visitors should DIAL 911 from any campus phone to notify the Texas Tech Police Department. Non-emergency calls on-campus should be placed to the Texas Tech Police Department administration number at (806) 742-3931 or directly to the Texas Tech Police Communications Center at (806) 743-2000. Residence Hall students are also encouraged to report crimes to their Community Advisors (CA) and / or Hall Staff. ( In an emergency, coin operated telephones do not require a deposit. Dial 911 from any pay phone.)

OFF - CAMPUS EMERGENCIES - Students, faculty, and staff should DIAL 911 to notify the Lubbock Police Department.

In the event that you are not near a campus phone, you may DIAL 911 from your cell phone. Your call will be answered by the Lubbock Police Department. You will need to provide them with your name, cell phone number and location and ask to be transferred to the Texas Tech 911 call center.