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Institutional Research Crosswalk and Glossary

List of Mandatory Reports

Report Name Entity Submitted To Reporting Interval
CBM001- Student Report THECB Fall, Spring, Summer
CBM002 - Texas Success Initiative Report THECB Fall, Spring
CBM003 - Course Inventory THECB Annual
CBM004 - Class Report  THECB Fall, Spring, Summer
CBM005 - Building and Room Report THECB Annual
CBM008 - Faculty Report  THECB Fall, Spring, Summer
CBM009 - Graduation Report THECB Annual
CBM0E1 - Student End of Semester Report THECB Fall, Spring, Summer
CBM00S - Student Schedule Report THECB Fall, Spring, Summer
CBM00B - Admissions Report THECB Annual
CBM00E - Doctoral Exception Report THECB Biennial
CBM00N - Student Number Change Report THECB As Needed
Expenditure Study THECB Annual
Accountability Measures THECB Annual
Performance Measures Legislative Budget Board (LBB) Fall, Spring
Appropriation Requests Legislative Appropriations Requests(LAR) Biennial
IPEDS - Academic Libraries IPEDS Fiscal Year
IPEDS - Admissions IPEDS Fall
IPEDS - Completions IPEDS Fed Year
IPEDS - Institutional Characteristics IPEDS Fall
IPEDS - Fall Enrollment IPEDS Fall
IPEDS - 12-month Enrollment IPEDS Academic Year
IPEDS - Student Financial Aid IPEDS Academic Year
IPEDS - Graduation Rates 150% IPEDS Annual
IPEDS - Graduation Rates 200% IPEDS Annual
IPEDS - Human Resources IPEDS Fall
IPEDS - Finance IPEDS Annual
NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association Annual
NSF - NIH National Science Foundation - National Institutes of Health Annual

For more information or questions on Common Data Sets, please contact us at (806)742-2166 or e-mail at irim@ttu.edu

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