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Institutional Research Resources

AAUDE -  American Association of Universities Data Exchanged
AAUP -  American Association of Universities Professors
AAU -  Association of American Universities
AUTM -  Association of University Technology Managers
AIR -  Association for Institutional Research
ARL -  Association of Research Libraries
BIG 12 -  Big 12 Institutional Research
BLS -  Bureau of Labor Statistics
CDS -  Common Data Sets
CGS -  Council of Graduate Schools
CHEd -  Chronicle for Higher Education
CUPA -  College and University Professional Asosciation for HR
CSRDE -  Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange
IPEDS -  Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System
NSF -  National Science Foundation
SACS -  Southern Association for Colleges and Schools
SAIR -  Southern Association for Institutional Research
SREB -  Southern Regional Education Board
SUG -  Member List of Southern University Group
TAIR -  Texas Association for Institutional Research
THECB -  Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
TEA -  Texas Education Agency
LBB -  Texas Legislative Budget Board
TTU-IT -  TTU Division of Information Technology

Institutional Research

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