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THECB - Coordinating Board Reporting

All institutions are required to submit CBM reports and are electronically transferred using secured process. CBM reports are collected by the Educational Data Center and certified by the institutions as available for use within four working weeks of the due date.


  • List of Required CBM Reports
    • CBM001 - Student Report
    • CBM002 - Texas Success Initiative Report
    • CBM003 - Course Inventory (Annual)
    • CBM004 - Class Report
    • CBM005 - Building and Room Report Report (Annual)
    • CBM008 - Faculty Report
    • CBM009 - Graduation Report (Annual)
    • CBM011- Facilities Room Inventory Report
    • CBM014- Facilities Building Inventory Report
    • CBM0E1 - Student End of Semester Report
    • CBM00B - Admissions Report (Annual)
    • CBM00E - Doctoral Exception Report (Biennial)
    • CBM00N - Student Number Change Report (Anytime)
    • CBM00S - Student Schedule Report
    • CBM00X - Students in Self-Supporting Courses and Programs Report (Annual)
  • THECB CBM Reporting Due Dates
  • THECB CBM Reporting Status
  • THECB Texas CIP Code

THECB Accountability System

 The Higher Education Accountability System is an interactive system which focuses on measures of participation, success, excellence, research, and efficiency and effectiveness at public higher education institutions in Texas. For most measures, data is available from fall 2000 to fall 2010. The Accountability System and its measure reflect the goals and targets of the state's higher education plan, Closing the Gaps by 2015.

THECB - Profile Reports Electronically Produced (PREP)

 The interactive Profile Reports: PREP includes data collected from Texas public higher education institutions summarized into management information system database tables for query access. These summaries of certified data are available by institution or statewide for selected semesters.

THECB CBM Reporting Manual
THECB Main Website

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