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Graduation Rates

CDS Definition:
The items in this section correspond to data elements collected by the IPEDS Web-based Data Collection System’s Graduation Rate Survey (GRS). For complete instructions and definitions of data elements, see the IPEDS GRS instructions and glossary.
IPEDS Definition:
The rate required for disclosure and/or reporting purposes under Student Right-to-Know Act. This rate is calculated as the total number of completers within 150% of normal time divided by the revised adjusted cohort.
THECB Definition:
The percentage of a given college-entering cohort of degree-seeking students who graduate in a specific period of time, normally six years. For purposes of the "Baccalaureate Graduation Rates -- First-Time-Entering Undergraduates" and "Baccalaureate Graduation Rates -- First-Time-Entering Freshmen," the cohort consists of fall first-time, full-time undergraduates (or freshmen) plus summer first-time students who continue in the fall and are full-time in the fall. The summer students need not be full time in the summer. They are evaluated for full-time status based on their fall enrollment. For two-year institutions, it is the students who graduate with an associate degree or certificate within three years. For four-year institutions, it is the students who graduate with a baccalaureate degree within six years.
TTU Definition:
A calculation based on the number of students from a given cohort that have persisted and graduated from Texas Tech. Most often, the graduation rate is calculated based on the students’ degree completion within 150 percent or normal time to degree completion, or six years.

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