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Approved Degree Programs


Inventory of Approved Degree Programs

Type of Degrees Bachelors Masters Doctoral/JD Total
Total Degree Programs                       101 100 54 255
Total Majors                                                          156
Degree Programs Updated:  November  13, 2017

FY2017-2018 CHANGES

Create New Degree Programs (Effective 9/01/2018):

MC JEM BA in Creative Media Industries 13.0601.00 1704

Create New Online Degree Programs (Effective 5/01/2018):

VPA DAN MA in Dance Studies 50.0301.00 2833

Create New Degree Programs (Effective 8/25/2017):

ED EPL EdD in Higher Education Administration 13.0601.00 0932
ED EPL PhD in Higher Education Research 13.0601.00 0932

Create New Degree Programs (Effective 8/15/2017):

MC JEM BA in Digital Media & Professional Communication 09.0702.00 1931

Phase Out Degree Programs (Effective 8/31/2018):

MC JEM BA in Electronic Media and Communication 09.0701.00 1704

Phase Out Degree Programs (Effective 8/24/2017):
ED EPL MEd in Instructional Technology-Distance Education 13.0501.00 0932
ED EPL EdD in Higher Education 13.0601.00 0932
ED EPL PhD in Higher Education (placeholder) 13.0601.00 0932
ED EPL PhD in Higher Education- Higher Education Research 13.0601.00 0932

Change Semester Credit Hours (Effective 9/15/2017):

PFP MS Personal Financial Planning FROM: 42 TO: 36

Change Semester Credit Hours (Effective 9/01/2017):

PFP PhD Personal Financial Planning FROM: 90 TO: 72

Change Semester Credit Hours (Effective 8/25/2017):

EPL MEd Instructional Technology FROM: 39 TO: 36

Change Degree Program Name (Effective 9/1/2017):

FROM: MC PhD in Mass Communications (will be phased out 8/31/2017) 09.0102.00 1931
TO: MC PhD in Media and Communication 09.0102.00 1931
FROM: GR MA in Museum Science (will be phased out 8/31/2017) 30.1401.00 1368
TO: GR MA in Heritage and Museum Sciences 30.1401.00 1368

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