Texas Tech University

About the Administrator Evaluation Survey

Since 2007, faculty have been asked to evaluate the Provost, their dean, and their chairperson. Ratings are published using tables and charts covering each type of administrator and each individual having sufficient numbers of responses.  The survey is conducted annually

Shown in the Administrator Evaluation Survey Results page are the results of the latest Administrator Evaluation Survey. Only the current results are given because this survey changes too frequently to make valid comparisons over time. For example, this survey was done in the first semester of the school year, while the previous survey was done in the spring semester. The characteristics of the evaluators change. Even for a broad category, you could be comparing a varying mixture of interim administrators, brand-new officials, and long-term veterans.  Thus, any longitudinal comparisons from one period to the next are at best problematic, and most likely there is insufficient information in the published results to do a valid analysis.


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