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Whereever You Are TTU K-12 Newsletter
November 2019

Letter from the Superintendent

As 2019 comes to a close, Dr. Louder recaps some of the exciting happenings we’ve seen this semester and a peek at what is coming soon for TTU K-12, in his letter.

Mikey and Zach stand closely together as both place one arm over the others shoulder and stand behind a large manufactured stone with the TTU logo and the words The Rawls Course

Feature Story
High School Golfers Use TTU K-12 as Their Link to College

Finding an NCAA-approved alternative to traditional high school was important to Zach and Mikey. TTU K-12 is a hole in one for these two college-bound golfers.

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News and Events

Fall Semester Is a Busy Travel Time for TTU K-12 Staff

Cary Sallee, Victoria Qin and Jared Lay giving the guns up sign in front of the TTU K-12 booth at the iNACOL conference in October.
Conferences hold a double opportunity for sponsors and attendees, to obtain information on the latest trends in K-12 and online education, and to publicize the programs offered by TTU K-12.

TTU K-12 To Offer College Entrance Test Prep

EdReady powered by NROC logo
Students looking ahead to college and the requisite entrance exams will be able to prepare with a new tool available soon.

TTU K-12 Makes News with Program Enhancements

Superintendent Justin Louder appears on Trends & Friends on KLBK.
As TTU K-12 strives to deliver the best experiences in online education, the changes made to our programs in September made an impact at local news outlets.
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Staff and Student Spotlights

National Honor Society Students Take Up Online Service Project

Raiderland Chapter National Honor Society logo
Of the four pillars of membership in NHS, the most difficult for online students to achieve may be involvement in a group service project. Here’s how our TTU K-12 members answered that challenge.

Instructor Spotlight

Karin Busby

Karin Busby
Karin Busby knows that students need flexibility. Find out why she embraced the world of online learning with TTU K-12.

Staff Spotlight

Sharon Andrew

Sharon Andrew headshot
Sharon's leadership helps students get exactly what they need at TTU K-12. Learn how her work makes a difference.
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