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Front left to right: Desiree Acosta, Erica Hollis ,Alex Brojanac ,Sabrina Cervantes , Sam Butterfield ,Hannah Icken,Keely Lyons Not Pictured: Taylor Steele Back left to right:Jamar Brooks, Jose Cortez, Rachel Rever, Elizabeth Gorecki, Kailey Miller, Cynthia Gil, Philip Hew 

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The ambassador program is a professional organization of students who will work to serve the department of Kinesiology and Sport Management. We commit to implementing and maintaining a clear line of communication between the staff, faculty, and students. We will represent the department in all university and community endeavors while working to promote the program. We work closely with all department faculty and staff thus increasing our opportunity to network and learn on a higher level. The ambassadors are tasked with projects such as hosting prospective faculty members, recruiting undergraduate and graduate students, facilitating health and fitness related events, and much more. As an organization, we aim to provide ample opportunity for ambassadors to ensure that they are well prepared for their future. 


Ambassador Supervisor

The ambassador supervisor must be a faculty or staff member from within the department who will oversee all program decisions, events, and meetings. He/she will serve as the direct line of communication between the departmental staff and the ambassador program. The supervisor will also aid the head ambassador in filtering candidate applications before they are sent to the admissions panel. Due to the nature of our financial infrastructure the ambassador supervisor will be responsible for all budgets, purchases, and records pertaining to the ambassador bank account in conjuncture with the financial chair. They will also work with the department purchasing power representative when requesting departmental funding. The ambassador supervisor must approve all suspensions and terminations. 

Head Ambassador/President

The head ambassador is a Kinesiology or Sport Management undergraduate student who will be responsible for all program activities. The head ambassador will conduct monthly meetings and oversee all program involvement. He/she will work directly with the ambassador supervisor as well as the head of the department. They must enforce the constitution and keep the program in good standing with SGA. Ambassador recruitment, including management of the application process, is a chief responsibility of the head ambassador. They will also need to stay in contact with the current website coordinator to advertise events and accomplishments of the program. 

Event Coordinator

The event coordinator is a Kinesiology or Sport Management undergraduate student who is responsible for all events hosted by the ambassador program. He/she is in charge of coordinating the events and ensuring that times and dates do not overlap. It will also be essential for the event coordinator to keep an updated master calendar for all the program's and department's events. 


The financial chair must be a Kinesiology or Sport Management undergraduate student who will manage all funding requests and submit them to the ambassador supervisor. This ambassador will also be required to organize fundraising events for the benefit of the program. 

Service Chair

The service chair is a Kinesiology or Sport Management undergraduate student who will organize and attend a number of service events along with helping the President manage the organization email account. 

Social Media Chair

The social media chair is a Kinesiology or Sport Management undergraduate student who will manage and monitor all organization social media accounts. 

Kinesiology Representatives

5 Undergraduate Kinesiology students responsible for hosting and attending all kinesiology-based events within the program and the department. They will work together to provide career-based resources such as certifications, shadowing opportunities, and conferences. **One representative (KIN or SM) will also be required to be the Student Organization Representative Council Representative (SORC). 

Sport Management Representatives

5 Undergraduate Sport Management students will be responsible for hosting and attending all sport management based events. They will also provide career-based resources such as networking opportunities and practical internship experience. **If there are not enough applicants for Representative positions from KIN or SM, an additional member from the other area may be substituted.

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee shall be made up of the faculty supervisor, all current officers, and potentially 1 or more other Kinesiology and Sport Management faculty members. All faculty and staff employed by the department are eligible to sit on the committee. All applications will be reviewed and interviews will be held for all finalist candidates. A majority vote must be achieved before a candidate is offered a position. 

*Ambassador Requirements:

All ambassadors must be a Kinesiology or Sport Management student taking at least 12 hours (9 for graduate students) per semester at Texas Tech University. They also must be in good standing with the university and maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Once accepted, a $25 membership fee must be paid as well.

All positions will be offered under a one-year contract. Readmission is at the discretion of the faculty supervisor and selection committee (recommendations will be taken into consideration). MOST of our communication will occur via email and by phone; however, we will have mandatory face-to-face meetings approximately two times a month. All ambassadors are required to attend training upon admission to the program. Please note that you are required to attend all events under your area of responsibility. Once accepted, you will obtain the organization Bylaws that will include more information on what is expected with your role. 




Ambassador Supervisor

Chad Smith, Ph.D.

President/Head Ambassador

Kailey Miller 

Social Chair

Alexandra Brojanac


Philip Hew

Event Coordinator

Rachel Rever 

Kinesiology Representative

Jose Cortez

Elizabeth Gorecki

Sabrina Cervantes

Hannah Icken

Taylor Steele

Desiree Acosta



Sport Management Representative

Samantha Butterfield

Jamar Brooks


Vitruvian Man

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