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Ph.D. Students wanted for a NEW* Ph.D. program in Exercise Physiology

*pending SACSCOC approval

Dr. Grant Tinsley's 2017 Article Wins 2018 European Journal of Sports Science (EJSS) Best Paper Award

Authors: Grant M. Tinsley, Jeffrey S. Forsse, Natalie K. Butler, Antonio Paoli, Annie A. Bane, Paul M. La Bounty, Grant B. Morgan & Peter W. Grandjean
Title: Time-restricted feeding in young men performing resistance training: A randomized controlled trial
Published in Volume 17, Issue 2 | DOI: 10.1080/17461391.2016.1223173

Hannah Schake, a kinesiology undergraduate student, coauthored a published case study at the NSF National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science (see below).

Hannah Schake, a kinesiology undergraduate student, coauthored a published case study at the NSF National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science (see below).
Hahn, M.*, Schake, H.*, Schalles, R.*, Shioji, S.*, Harris, B.N. Caught Red-Handed! Hemoglobin, carbon monoxide, and a butcher's knife. NSF National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, published online 4/2/2018.

Dr. Grant Tinsley, receives award at the TTU men's baseball game March 25th 

Awarded Mortar Board and Omicron Delta Kappa's Faculty Recognition Award. The description I received is: "For more than twenty years, this award has been given to five outstanding faculty members who have been nominated by students." 

Dr. Youngdeok Kim, a director of Physical Activity and Health Promotion Laboratory, is inducted as a Research Fellow of SHAPE America

Society of Health and Physical Educators (Formerly known as AAHPERD –American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance). SHAPE-America Research Fellow status is a selective and prestigious honor given to members in recognition of significant and sustained contributions to research and scholarly activities. He will be honored at the 133rd SHAPE America National Convention in Nashville, March 20-24, 2018.

Angela Lumpkin's chapter on "Commercialism in College Sports Undermines Athletes' Educational Opportunities and Rights" published.

Angela Lumpkin is the author of Chapter 9, "Commercialism in College Sports Undermines Athletes' Educational Opportunities and Rights," in E. Comeaux (Ed.), (2017). College Athletes' Rights and Well-being. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.

New Online Athletic Coaching Minor coming in Fall 2018 

The Department of KSM is excited to announce in the Fall of 2018 our Athletic Coaching Minor will be online. This minor is six courses that will prepare TTU students looking to coach across the spectrum of coaching whether at the elementary, secondary, collegiate, or professional levels.

Accountability When Teaching Online

by Angela Lumpkin, Department of Kinesiology and Sport Management

Accountability means accepting responsibility for what a person agrees to do and then does. With TTU's Worldwide eLearning offerings expanding rapidly, where is the accountability for online courses, especially since potential instructors may perceive that teaching online courses offers the ultimate flexibility—no long lectures to prepare, no scheduled classes to teach, and maybe few assignments to grade. Lest you quickly agree with this misperception, let me challenge your thinking. Teaching an online course is not easier; in fact, it may be more difficult because it requires hundreds of hours to design, develop, deliver, and assess a rich learning environment where most, if not all, communication is in written form. Yet, accountability requires regular and substantive interaction between you and your students while facilitating robust interactions among your students.

Probably we all have heard about or maybe even experienced correspondence courses (i.e., written materials provided electronically or in hard copy; self-paced course completion; and little to no instructor-to-student interaction). Such courses do not reflect best practices for online instruction; they fail to comply with federal law, too. Online courses and programs must be comparable in rigor, breadth, coherence, and comprehensiveness to the student learning opportunities available in on-campus courses, with both taught by qualified instructors.

The University requires each faculty member at TTU to use a rubric when developing, delivering, and assessing the effectiveness of every online course taught. To ensure accountability, each Department Chair must ensure compliance with at least the minimum standard for each category on this rubric.

  1. Course entry—course and instructor information; instructor welcome message; syllabus; and student learner support resources
  2. Instructional design—learning objectives for each module and unit; instructional materials to support student learning; provision of an inclusive learning environment for a broad range of abilities and disabilities; logical organization for ease of navigation with links to essential information; clearly stated expectations and deadlines; technology requirements needed for course completion; and best practices in displaying content
  3. Evaluation and assessment of student progress and learning—clear and explicit assignments; provision of timely feedback; and matched assessments with learning outcomes
  4. Interaction and communication—course activities and assignments that facilitate interactions among students and with the instructor; and encouragement of questions and other types of communication
  5. Accessibility—ensuring easy access to all files including graphics and closed-captioned videos
  6. Copyright compliance for written and digital content

As a Department Chair, it is my responsibility to require each faculty to submit a completed rubric for each online course taught each term. While holding the instructor accountable for scrutinizing and reporting on each course, the Department Chair encourages continuing self-evaluation in meeting the minimum standards as well as nudging the faculty member's advance toward the effective and exemplary level of instruction described on the rubric.

Lumpkin, A. (2017, March) Accountability when teaching online. From Anywhere, the e-Newsletter of Worldwide eLearning. Retrieved from http://www.depts.ttu.edu/elearning/newsletter/march2017/

Angela Lumpkin publishes chapterThe College Teaching Assistant Handbook

Angela Lumpkin is the author of Chapter 1. "Focusing of Student Learning" in C. Van Zile-Tamsen, C., & and  C. Morreale (2017). The College Teaching Assistant Handbook. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

Two Kinesiology faculty received a research grant

Dr. Marc Lochbaum (PI) and Dr. Youngdeok Kim (Co-PI) received a research grant for $47,391 from the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center, entitled "Physical Activity Patterns and Related Health Outcomes of Omani Elementary Children in The Context of Attending School". The grant will be used to study the physical activity levels and related important health measures (e.g., sedentary behaviors, sleep quality, body composition, and perceived physical abilities) and environmental constraints (e.g., school policies) in Omani children during 2017 – 2018 academic years.

Angela Lumpkin publishes second editionModern Sport Ethics

Modern Sport Ethics: A Reference Handbook (December 2016) The descriptions and examples of unethical behaviors in sport in this book will challenge readers to think about how they view sport and question whether participating in sport builds character—especially at the youth and amateur levels. This book describes and analyzes key ethical issues, such as cheating, fair play, violence, discriminatory actions, and the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Three Undergraduate Majors publish case study

Collin Quinn, Ryan Neumann, and Sean Woyton Kinesiology majors.  Along with Brittany Whittaker(TTU undergrad - pre-professional health) and Dr. Breanna N Harris.  All four students were undergraduate teaching assistants of Zool 2404 (A&PII) last fall and were enrolled in Peer Mentoring in Human Physiology course with Dr. Harris.  As part of the mentoring course the students had to write an original case study.  This group wanted to published theirs so we did the extra work, submitted it, and ultimately had it published.  The case: http://sciencecases.lib.buffalo.edu/cs/collection/detail.asp?case_id=874&id=874 

Starting Fall semester, 2016, 2.5 Tech GPA required to change major in KIN or SPMT

Any current students interested in changing their major to Kinesiology (KIN) or Sport Management (SPMT) beginning in the Fall of 2016 will be required to have at least 2.5 Texas Tech University GPA. Each student also must maintain a 2.5 or higher GPA. Please see the Student Agreement Form for more information.

McGraw-Hill publishes 10th editionThe 10th edition of Angela Lumpkin’s Introduction to Physical Education, Exercise Science, and Sport has been published by McGraw-Hill.

Angela Lumpkin's Introduction to Physical Education, Exercise Science, and Sport has been published by McGraw-Hill. This textbook provides students with an exciting opportunity to discover the diversity of physical education, exercise science, and sport, as well as the wealth of careers available in these fields. 

Angela Lumpkin elected to membership in the TTU teaching academy

The Texas Tech University Teaching Academy is a selective honor society of approximately 20% of the TTU faculty. Begun in 1997, those selected for membership are applauded for their demonstrated dedication to excellence in teaching and their efforts in furthering the development of the scholarship of teaching and learning. The Teaching Academy hosts the John M. Burns Conference on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Coinciding with this event, Dr. Lumpkin and other new members will be inducted into the Teaching Academy. Vice Provost Melanie Hart and a professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Sport Management was previously selected for membership into the Teaching Academy. 

For more information please see link: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/tlpdc/Teaching_Academy/Current_Members/members2016_2017.php

2018 Faculty Publications

Huml, M. R., Hambrick, M. E., Hums, M. A., & Nite, C. (2018). It's powerful, legitimate, and urgent, but is it equitable? Stakeholder claims within the attributes of stakeholder salience in sport. Journal of Sport Management, 32, 243-256. doi: 10.1123/jsm.2017-0192

Huml, M. R. (2018). A factor structure examination of athletic identity related to NCAA divisional differences. Journal of College Student Development, 59, 376-381. doi:10.1353/csd.2018.0035

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Barker, L. A., Harry, J. R., & Mercer, J. A. (2018). Relationships Between Countermovement Jump Ground Reaction Forces and Jump Height, Reactive Strength Index, and Jump Time. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 32(1), 248-254.

Harry, J.R., Barker, L.A., James, C.R., Dufek, J.S. (2018). Performance differences among skilled soccer players of different playing positions during vertical jumping and landing. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 32(2):304-312.

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2017 Faculty Publications

Blinch J, Franks IM, Carpenter MG, Chua R (in press) Response selection contributes to the preparation cost for bimanual asymmetric movements. Journal of Motor Behavior

Blinch J, Kim Y, Chua R (in press) Trajectory analysis of discrete goal-directed pointing movements: How many trials are needed for reliable data? Behavior Research Methods

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2016 Faculty Publications

Blinch, J., De Cellio Martins, G., & Chua, R. (in press). Effects of integrated feedback on discrete bimanual movements in choice reaction time. Experimental brain reserach

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