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J.D./Master of Science in Sport Management (M.S.)

The School of Law, in association with the Graduate School, offers a program that enables a student to earn both the Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) and Master of Science in Sport Management (M.S.) degrees in three years of academic work. This degree program may be particularly beneficial to students in becoming athletic directors or senior administrators of collegiate or professional sport programs as well as those who wish to represent athletes as sport agents.

Both degrees will be awarded upon completion of 102 hours (78 hours of law courses and a total of 24 hours of sport management hours). This is made possible by allowing 12 hours of approved law courses to transfer as elective credit toward the M.S. degree and vice versa. These transfers are of credit hours, not grades, in the School of Law. Therefore, graduate course work will not be computed in a student's Law School GPA and class ranking.

Interested students must apply for the program no later than their third semester in Law School. The first year of study consists entirely of law courses. During the second and third years, the remaining required law courses are to be completed together with selected law electives and an appropriate number of graduate sport management courses. Students who have earned more than 12 credit hours (excluding leveling course work) before matriculation to the Law School are ineligible for the J.D. dual-degree program.

Contact the TTU School of Law for its required and elective courses. 

M.S. in Sport Management (24 hours in SPMT courses; 12 hours of Law courses) Required courses

SPMT 5003 Internship in Sport Management (3 hrs.)

SPMT 5320 Sport Leadership

SPMT 5324 Marketing and Promotions in Sport

Choose 5 of these courses:

SPMT 5321 Financial Management in Sport

SPMT 5322 Organizational Behavior in Sport

SPMT 5325 Ethics and Morality in Sport

SPMT 5329 Sport Event Management

SPMT 5344 Applied Issues in Sports Analytics

SPMT 5345 Administration of Intercollegiate Athletics

SPMT 5346 Law in the Sport Industry

SPMT 5347 Sport Media Management

SPMT 5348 Sponsorship and Endorsement in Sport

The remaining 12 hours should include four credit hours each from 

LAW 5402 Contracts

LAW 6435 Business Entities

And any of the following courses: 

LAW 6034 Trademarks and Unfair Competition (2-3 credits)

LAW 6035 Negotiation Workshop (2-3 credits)

LAW 6065 Discrimination in Employment Law (2-3 credits)

LAW 6071 Employment Law (2-3 credits)

LAW 6090 Gaming and Racing Law (2-3 credits)

LAW 6255 Sports Law (2 credits)

LAW 6231 Introduction to Intellectual Property (2 credits)

J.D./M.S. Program Contacts

Law Faculty Advisor

M.S. Faculty Advisor

Graduate Admissions Coordinator

Department of Kinesiology & Sport Management

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