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Kinesiology & Sport Management Comprehensive Exam

  • Graduate students must register for the comprehensive evaluation by the deadline posted and return the registration form to Donna Torres.  
  • The comprehensive evaluation deadline is set by the Graduate School.
  • All important dates for graduate students are available at this link: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/gradschool/academic/SpringDeadlines.php
  • The date for any written comprehensive evaluation will be posted on the department's website plus graduate students will be sent an email notification.The comprehensive evaluation varies by area of specialization as follows:

Exercise Physiology

Clinical Exercise Physiology: options for the terminal examination in this track include: a) pass the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP) examination; b) pass a departmental multiple choice exam based on job task analysis questions for the ACSM CEP exam; or c) thesis project. The study guide materials for taking the ACSM Certification exam or the departmental comprehensive evaluation can be found here. Comments from the students who have successfully passed the CEP exam and what it means to them can be found here

Human Performance: thesis option, the comprehensive evaluation exam, or preparing a manuscript for peer-reviewed journal publication to fulfill the terminal examination requirement. The requirements for this option are listed below. In order to complete this terminal examination option, the student must: a) Identify an adviser from the Kinesiology faculty who agrees to supervise the project. b) Identify a specific project to be completed. This project could be an original research investigation involving data collection, analysis of previously collected data, or a review article. The manuscript is the culmination of this research project and must be of sufficient quality that it could reasonably be submitted to, and accepted by, a peer-reviewed journal. c) Identify a specific peer-reviewed target journal and format the manuscript accordingly. The journal must be approved by the student's research adviser. d) After the student and his or her adviser have approved the manuscript, it must be sent to the members of the Human Performance faculty for further evaluation.

 Motor Behavior/Exercise and Sport Psychology: thesis option; research project; written evaluation comprised of two sections: disciplinary content and research

Sport Management: thesis option; or the comprehensive evaluation that will be comprised of section "a" of the required portfolio in SPMT 5003 Internship in Sport Management. The portfolio is a capstone representation of internship experiences and work that demonstrates achievement of the degree/course learning outcomes and professional competencies. The portfolio is the authentic performance-based assessment for earning credit in this course and comprehensive assessment of successful completion of the M.S. in Sport Management degree. The portfolio should demonstrate mastery of content learned in the required sport management courses and an ability to connect learning to real-world situations.

  • After evaluation by the faculty, a Pass or Fail grade will be assigned; then the student will be notified.
  • If a graduate student needs information regarding graduation status, ask Donna Torres.  If Donna is not available contact the Graduate School at 806-742-2787.

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