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Clinical Exercise Physiology Internship


To provide real world experience in the fields of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and prepare students to successfully complete the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Clinical Exercise Physiologist certification exam.


This opportunity is only available to students in the Exercise Physiology concentration of the Masters in Kinesiology program at Texas Tech University. Three academic credit hours is equal to 300 hours of clinical internship work hours in a clinical rehabilitative setting for students completing coursework in the Exercise Physiology Track. 


  • Prior to registration students must have complete a minimum of 9 hours of graduate course work and have a minimum graduate 3.0 GPA.
  • Other Required Prerequisites:

    • Internship Application: An application and email confirmation of acceptance from the site coordinator is required prior to enrollment in the class.
    • *External Background Check (for non-Covenant sites)
    • *Immunizations (site specific)
    • *Basic Life Support Certification (required for ACSM CEP certification exam and may be required by specific clinical sites) 
    • *CPR with AED Certification (required by all clinical sites)
    • *TTU Student Liability Insurance Coverage (in addition to your personal health insurance)

    * Items withadditional cost that are the student's responsibility and are not included in the cost of the course.


Course Description: Three credit hours are equal to 300 hours of on-site experience. Approval of the TTU Clinical Internship Coordinator is required. May be repeated once for credit.


A completed application and acceptance by the clinical site internship coordinator is required for enrollment into KIN 5304 to be approved. Registration for Texas Tech University KIN5403 course credit does not ensure an internship position, students must be accepted at an off campus clinical site prior to enrollment.

University Medical Center

Covenant Lifestyles Center

Brownfield Regional Medical Center


  • For the Fall Semester- Between April  and July 1
  • For the Spring Semester- Between in October and November 15th
  • For the Long Summer Session- Between February and April 1st
  • NOTE: Internship positions are filled on a first come first served basis. If you wait to late it is possible that no open positions will be available.


There is a required pre-semester meeting held one month prior to the start of the term (August meeting for the Fall term, December meeting for the Spring term, April for the Summer term).  During the course term there will be 3 - 4  required meetings and every internship student must attend. These meetings are in addition to the required on-site work hours. Students will receive a meeting invitation from the internship director at TTU via your TTU email account.


ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist Certification

Link to the Certification site


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