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Akira Asada, Ph.D.

Current Publications

Asada, A., Ko, Y. J., & Jang, W. (In press). Effects of relative size and homogeneity of sports fan community on potential fans' support intentions. Journal of Sport Management.

Asada, A., & Ko, Y. J. (In press). Conceptualizing relative size and entitativity of sports fan community and their roles in sport socialization. Journal of Sport Management.

Asada, A., & Ko, Y. J. (In press). Perceived influence of word-of-mouth recommendation in sport-watching behavior: A gender difference perspective. Sport Marketing Quarterly.

2018 Publications

Arai, A. & Asada, A. (2018). Review of athlete branding. Japanese Journal of Sport Management, 10(1), 7-18

Matsumoto, H., Sato, S., Asada, A., & Chiashi, K. (2018). Exploring the relationship among leisure engagement, affective and cognitive leisure involvement, and subjective happiness: A mediating role of leisure satisfaction. World Leisure Journal, 60(2), 111-126.

2016 Publications

Asada, A., & Ko, Y. J. (2016). Determinants of word-of-mouth influence in sport viewership. Journal of Sport Management, 30(2), 192-206.

Department of Kinesiology & Sport Management

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