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N. David Pifer, Ph.D.

Recent Publications

Pifer, N. D., Mastromartino, B., & Zhang, J. J. (in press). Selling fun and making a fortune: An examination of Mark Cuban's impact on sport and business. Sport in Society. https://doi.org/10.1080/17430437.2020.1723833.

Wang, J. J., Pifer, N. D., & Zhang, J. J. (in press). Modeling environmental antecedents of online word-of-mouth on team social media: A perspective of information value. Sport Marketing Quarterly.

Pifer, N. D., & Huml, M. R. (2020). The year-two effect: Evidence and antecedents for second season success in NCAA division I football. Journal of Sports Analytics, 6(1), 45-60.

Zhou, L., Wang, J. J., Chen, X., Cianfrone, B., & Pifer, N. D. (2020). Community-sport service provision, participant satisfaction, and participation: Experience and perspective of Guangdong, China. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, 21(1), 127-147.

Chen, G., Zhang, J. J., & Pifer, N. D. (2019). Corporate governance structure, financial capability, and the R&D intensity in Chinese sports sector: Evidence from listed sports companies. Sustainability, 11(23), 1-19.

Huml, M. R., Pifer, N. D., Towle, C., & Rode, C. R. (2019). If we build it, will they come? The effect of new athletic facilities on recruiting rankings for Power Five men's football and basketball programs. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 29(1), 1-18.

Pifer, N. D., DeSchriver, T., Baker, T. A., & Zhang, J. J. (2019). The advantages of experience: Analyzing the effects of player experience on the performances of March Madness teams. Journal of Sports Analytics, 5(2), 137-152.

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