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Jarrod Blinch, Ph.D.

2018 Publications

Blinch, J., Kim, Y., & Chua, R. (2018). Trajectory analysis of discrete goal-directed pointing movements: How many trials are needed for reliable data?. Behavior research methods, 50(5), 2162-2172.

Lam, M. Y., Blinch, J., Connors, E. M., Doan, J. B., & Gonzalez, C. L. (2018). Bimanual joint action: correlated timing or "bimanual" movements accomplished by two people. Experimental brain research, 236(8), 2363-2375.

Blinch, J., & Jensen Kouts, T. (2018). Effects of integrated feedback and movement templates on discrete bimanual movements in simple reaction time. Human movement science, 60, 139-149.

Blinch, J., Franks, I. M., Carpenter, M. G., & Chua, R. (2018). Response selection contributes to the preparation cost for bimanual asymmetric movements. Journal of motor behavior, 50(4), 392-397.

Blinch, J., Doan, J. B., & Gonzalez, C. L. (2018). Complexity of movement preparation and the spatiotemporal coupling of bimanual reach-to-grasp movements. Experimental brain research, 236(6), 1801-1813.

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