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Angela Lumpkin Honored with President's Excellence in Teaching Award

Angela Lumpkin

At the Faculty Honors Convocation on April 17, Angela Lumpkin received one of Texas Tech University's President's Excellence in Teaching Awards. This award recognizes exceptional contributions to teaching including students' evaluations, supporting letters from current and former students, supporting letters from colleagues, and other documentations of teaching excellence.

One anonymous student commented, "Dr. Lumpkin is a very engaging professor who is adept at utilizing unique classroom strategies to enhance the educational experience. I found this course to be very rewarding, thought-provoking, and insightful." Another student stated, "Dr. Lumpkin is, by far, one of the best instructors I've had during my tenure as a graduate student. Her classes are interactive, instructional, and thought-provoking. Her instructional methods are designed to force students to think for themselves and derive their own conclusions, and then defend them. A very good course taught by an exceptional professor!" A third student commented, "Dr. Lumpkin is a[n] incredible instructor. She embodies the values she teaches as a leader and is passionate about what she teaches."

Former students wrote glowing comments about Dr. Lumpkin's commitment to students and their learning. "I met Dr. Lumpkin as an 18-year-old freshman at the University of Kansas. Dr. Lumpkin changed my life. I cannot begin to describe the difference that Dr. Angela Lumpkin has made in my life. She has become my mentor and role model, and I can only hope that one day I will turn out just like her." Another wrote, "Having had the privilege of working closely with this exceptional nominee first as a doctoral student and later as a co-author and colleague, I can say without reservation that Angela Lumpkin is the most committed sport management educator I have ever encountered. I am inspired by her commitment to teaching and learning and impressed by her willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to help students reach their potential." A third stated, "I observed Angela teach as her teaching assistant and a student in her classes. Her students are engaged, active, and interested learners, because she puts in effort to design courses and create strategies to help them learn. In the classroom, she encourages application of material and has students work collaboratively to solve problems. Her mastery of the content is unparalleled and is something other students often mentioned to me. I can honestly say I learned more in one semester with Angela, than I learned in my entire master's degree program." A fourth concluded, "I often reflect on the high number of graduate students and faculty members who were able to successfully start their teaching careers or became reenergized about teaching because of the mentorship Dr. Lumpkin provided them. Dr. Lumpkin doesn't care who gets the credit because her number one priority is the learning and success of college students."

Since coming to Texas Tech, Dr. Lumpkin has published (or has in press) nine articles on the scholarship of teaching and learning and organized and taught portions of four annual teaching workshops for departmental faculty. She received the Distinguished Sport Management Educator Award from the North American Society for Sport Management in 2018. She was inducted into the TTU Teaching Academy in 2016.

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