Texas Tech University

Ty B. Palmer, Ph.D.


Researcher: Ty B. Palmer, Ph.D.

Title: Assistant Professor in Human Performance

Laboratory: Room 107, Muscular Assessment Laboratory




Personal Statement

Dr. Palmer has 6 years of experience conducting muscular assessment studies in humans. He currently co-directs the Muscular Assessment Laboratory where he has been an independent investigator since 2016. His background includes the study of aging, fall-history, and athletic status on muscle stiffness, strength, postural balance, and other performance-based outcomes in young and elderly adults. Dr. Palmer has recently been funded by the Mid America Athletic Trainers' Association (2017). His current research focus is understanding the i) impact of age-related disparities on muscular function, and ii) interventional strategies to improve functional performance in older adults.

Application of Expertise to Health Disparity Research

Dr. Palmer plans to extend his research into the study of physiological and behavioral determinants for functional decline in elderly adults, particularly as they pertain to muscular strength and dynamic performance deficits. His recent research in the age-related declines in muscle force production and balance-related capabilities in older adults fits well with this planned approach to study health disparities. In addition, he plans to collaborate with new colleagues in the department to investigate suitable dietary interventions that are effective at reducing the risk of falls and balance-related injuries in older adults.

Laboratory Skills and Capabilities

  • Measure muscle power, flexibility, and activation characteristics during dynamic activities (i.e., vertical jumping, stretching, contractions)
  • Measure muscle force production during maximal contractions using load cells and isokinetic dynamometers
  • Assess muscle size and quality measurements using diagnostic ultrasound
  • Assess muscle stiffness using load cells and electrogoniometers
  • Muscle strength using electronic handgrip and isokinetic dynamometers
  • Electromyographic (EMG) amplitude measure of skeletal muscle activity
  • Functional performance testing (can measure chair rise power, functional reach, postural stability)
  • Postural stability measurements using a commercially-designed balance testing system

Laboratory Equipment

  • Biodex System 3 Isokinetic Dynamometer (Biodex Medical Systems Inc.)
  • Diagnostic ultrasound (GE Logiq e)
  • Biosway Balance (Biodex Medical Systems Inc.)
  • Linear Velocity Transducer (Tendo Sports Machines)
  • Load Cell (LCHD-250, Omega Engineering Inc.)
  • Electrogoniometer (TSD130B, Biopac Systems Inc.)
  • Handgrip Dynamometer (Biopac Systems Inc.)
  • MP150 and MP100 (Biopac Systems Inc.)
  • LabView (LabVIEW, Version 11.0, National Instruments)
  • Force Plate (AMTI)
  • Isokinetic Squat Machine (Exerbotics)

Department of Kinesiology & Sport Management

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    Box 43011, Texas Tech University, 2500 Broadway, Lubbock, TX 79409
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