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Student Testimonials

The Texas Tech University Sport Management Program strives to prepare our students for the real-world experience of working in the ever-changing sport industry through both our undergraduate and graduate curriculum. Here are what some of our former Sport Management students are saying:

 "As a graduate of the Texas Tech Sport Management Program, I was afforded many opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Within the classroom, I had a built-in network of like-minded people that have become some of my closest professional peers even if we didn't share a graduating class. By simply meeting a fellow alum of the program, there is an instant connection that can open so many doors. The diversity of professors that I was led by was one of the best aspects. They were all able to relate to us no matter what industry or phase of our career we were in. Whether that looked like putting us in contact with someone who was hiring interns or letting us vent during office hours. People in this industry are resilient. That culture absolutely runs true through our program as well. You are taught to be tenacious and to treat people well."-Katie Wallingford, TTU SPMT 2017

"With so many passionate people vying at the door of the sport industry, it helps to have an upper edge. The Sport Management program at Texas Tech was instrumental in my development by challenging me towards systematic thinking and charismatic communication. Working in professional golf administration is a unique juxtaposition of modernity and tradition, and my Sports Management degree from Texas Tech fully "teed me up" for success in this field upon my graduation." - Avery Lee, TTU SPMT 2018

"During my fourteen months in the Sport Management Graduate program, I developed as a leader and an individual. I was able to learn in-depth about a field so dear to my heart. I will be forever grateful for the faculty at Texas Tech University and the opportunity I was given to continue my education."
-Victoria Uresti, TTU SPMT 2018

"The knowledge, confidence and leadership skills developed in completing the M.S. Sport Management program contributed to my personal and professional development and will help me forge my career. The SPMT staff and professors could not have been more helpful or supportive to me in reaching my goal of obtaining this degree and receiving my new job." – Lauren Mason, TTU SPMT 2018

"When I first came to Texas Tech, I did not feel like I was where I was meant to be. Once I switched my major to Sport Management everything changed. The department put me in a position to where I felt like I could achieve anything. I could tell that every professor I had was truly passionate about what they were teaching. If I ever needed help with anything, they would do what they could to help out. The classes didn't feel like classes, the discussion and projects truly made you enjoy going to class every single day. The main reason that I decided to stay at Texas Tech to do my masters in Sport Management was because of the faculty. I knew that in this program, I would have professors who truly cared about my future career. I was interested in esports, and I had professors who go out of their way to help me reach that goal even if they did not understand it at first. My advisors always made sure that I was on track of not only graduating the program but putting myself in position to be a successful person. They put me in a position to believe that I truly can achieve anything. I am very grateful that I chose to obtain my masters at Texas Tech."
-Chuck Gilliard, TTU SPMT Undergraduate 2018, Graduate 2020

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