Texas Tech University

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Advance Landscape Architecture


Strive daily to make a positive contribution to our community landscapes (global to local, social, cultural, political, economic, and ecological) through leadership in teaching, learning, research, engagement, planning, design, and advocacy.


  • Honesty & Integrity, LA Professional Ethics
  • Learning, Curiosity, Creativity, Experimentation, Failure, Discovery, Life Cycle Problem Solving
  • Empathy, Diversity, Inclusivity, Justice—Social, Environmental, Economic
  • Professionalism, Servant Leadership Collaboration, Teamwork
  • Resource Stewardship, Sustainability, Adaptability & Resiliency
  • Rigorous Foundational and Theoretical Planning and Design
  • Emerging Technology & Methods
  • Experiential, Community Engaged, Inter-Transdisciplinary Learning
  • Innovative Teaching, Research-Scholarship & Entrepreneurship
  • Deep understanding of the Llano Estacado and Semi-Arid Landscapes of Production


We are passionate about:

  • the health, conservation, planning, and design of our landscapes,
  • learning, mentoring, and teaching,
  • professional graphic, written, and interpersonal communication,
  • cutting-edge technology and efficient and effective workflows,
  • our landscape architecture community,
  • advancing our discipline.