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DoLA XR lab is an advanced center for exploring effective applications of Extended Reality (XR) technologies – including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) for advancing landscape architecture education and research. The lab currently leads several multidisciplinary and collaborative research projects focused on using immersive technologies to promote health, wellbeing, and learning. XR Lab is also committed to several funded projects focused on a holistic approach of childhood development by bringing more nature in children's everyday experience to promote health and wellbeing. 


Research Assistants working with the XR Lab will have opportunities to: 

· Learn latest technology and applications in XR for landscape visualization, communication, learning, and research.  

· Participate in creating immersive and interactive landscape environments for visualization and research on human environments.  

· Use latest hardware (3D cameras, scanners, etc.) to create realistic and interactive virtual tours of prominent landscape sites.  

· Learn advanced GIS technology for behavior mapping for collecting observational human behavioral data to understand relationships between the built environment and user behaviors.   

· Participate in hands-on data collection activities in one (or more) federally funded projects aimed at advancing early childhood environments by landscape interventions.  

· Participate in design build activities for creating playful, interactive, learning landscapes for young children. 

· Learn and apply planting design principles for promoting early childhood play and learning.  

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