Texas Tech University

Audition Music

Each camper is required to submit a video of them performing the audition material for their instrument after registering for camp. Material is selected by the Texas Tech University instrument faculty. Results of the audition will be posted on the camper's schedule on the day of Check-In. Audition material will be available soon as a .pdf download.


At the start of your Audition video please state if you are interested in any of the electives below.

  • Chamber Music for Strings (string players only) 
  • Jazz Band (Jazz Big Band instruments only)
  • Orchestra Winds & Percussion (Full Orchestra Instruments Only)

STRINGS/WINDS/BRASS/PERCUSSION - If you have any issues downloading, please email boc@ttu.edu 

Level 1 - Beginning Students who have completed their first year of music instruction.

Level 2 - Middle School level material for students interested in the top middle school ensemble.

Level 3/4 - High school level (entering 9th grade and above). NOTE: To be considered for the Wind Ensemble, Band 1 or Band 2, you must audition with level 4 music.

Students should select the level that they feel comfortable playing and best represents their ability level. 

Video Submission Guide-Lines and Procedures for Students

You must follow these video guidelines for your competition video to be accepted:

1. Film in a well-lit space and be sure that there is more lighting in front of the performer than from behind.

2. Use a tripod or flat surface when filming.

3. The video frame should include from your head to knees, instrument, and your full range of motion at all times.

4. No editing of the audio or video is permitted. Contestants whose videos show evidence of any cuts, splicing, manipulation of pitch, or other alterations within a performance segment will be placed in a lower level deemed appropriate by the judges.

5. Test the audio level so that there is no distortion during the loudest passages of your selections, and so the softest portions can be heard. If possible, consider using an external microphone connected to your recording device to record your playing.

6. You will upload your video files using YouTube. Please read the section below, YouTube Video Submission Instructions.

7. At the beginning of the video please state if you are interested in any of the electives that require an audition: Chamber Music for Strings, Jazz Band, and Orchestra Winds and Percussion.

8. Please record all of the audition music in one video.


YouTube Video Submission Instructions

You must either create a YouTube account or use a pre-existing account to upload your audition material.

1. On your account page, click the Upload button at the top of the page.

2. Before you start uploading the video, you need to change the Privacy Setting from PUBLIC to UNLISTED from the drop menu.

3. Upload your video.

4. On the next page, as the video is uploading you can complete different fields. Please follow these instructions:

• Under TITLE, please write your first name, last name, and what school you are going to in the Fall 2022 school year. 

• All the other fields are not required such as Tags

• If you have not changed your privacy setting before uploading your video, please change the setting from Public to Unlisted (on the right-hand column)

5. You must click Publish to finish uploading a video to YouTube.

6. Click Share to get the link to your video.

7. Copy the link of your video to the Audition Form. 

8. Complete and submit the Audition Form.


  • FLUTE - Coming Soon
  • OBOE - Coming Soon
  • CLARINET - Coming Soon
  • LOW CLARINET - Coming Soon
  • BASSOON - Coming Soon
  • SAXOPHONE - Coming Soon


  • TRUMPET - Coming Soon
  • HORN - Coming Soon
  • TROMBONE - Coming Soon
  • BASS TROMBONE - Coming Soon
  • EUPHONIUM - Coming Soon
  • TUBA - Coming Soon


  • PERCUSSION -Coming Soon


  • VIOLIN - Coming Soon
  • VIOLA - Coming Soon
  • CELLO - Coming Soon
  • DOUBLE BASS - Coming Soon
  • HARP - Coming Soon


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