Texas Tech University

Dr. Bart Durham


Email: bart.durham@ttu.edu

Research Interests

Although I am interested in a broad range of ecological questions, my primary research focus is in the area of aquatic ecology and conservation. My current research interests are concentrated on understanding the impacts of treated wastewater on reservoir ecosystems, understanding diet requirements and nutrient acquisition patterns of imperiled native prairie stream fishes, and understanding seasonal patterns in the community composition of microbes in urban lakes with a specific focus on pathogenic bacteria and their connection to migratory waterfowl that overwinter on the southern plains of Texas. I am also interested in undergraduate research and mentoring with emphasis on professionalism.  I am passionate about helping undergraduate students make the transition from student to professional.


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Durham, B. W., Porter, L., Webb, A. B., and Thomas, J. 2016. Seasonal influence of environmental variables and artificial aeration on Escherichia coli in small urban lakes. Journal of Water and Health 14:929-941.

Durham, B. W., and G. R. Wilde. 2014. Understanding Complex reproductive ecology in fishes: the importance of individual and population-scale information. Aquatic Ecology 48:91- 106.