Texas Tech University

Dr. Kamal Humagain

Post-doctoral researcher
Kamal Humagain, postdoc, ttu, nrm, natural resources management, texas tech university


I am from Nepal, a naturally beautiful Himalayan country. I completed my undergraduate and Master of Science in Botany from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Interests in GIS and remote sensing applications in the field of plant science enticed me to the United States for further education. I completed my Master of Science in Geosciences from Western Kentucky University along with Graduate GIS Certificate. I received my PhD in Natural Resources Management from Texas Tech University with a minor in GIS. My dissertation focused on the vegetation change through time using field data along with remote sensing and GIS techniques in the conifer dominated mountains of New Mexico in the context of ongoing ecological restoration. I used field data, LiDAR data and Landsat data for my analysis to analyze the changes in forest parameters through time. I started my postdoctoral research in leaf stress using hyperspectral image acquisition, an indoor remote sensing technique. My research interests include, but not limited to, application of GIS and remote sensing techniques in the field of natural resource management, particularly in the field plant ecology and restoration ecology. My long term goal is to serve as faculty at a University or a research scientist within the field of my expertise and interests.