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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 30.11: The Texas Tech University Center at Junction

DATE: April 25, 2024

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to establish guidelines pertaining to the various uses and programs of the Texas Tech Center at Junction (Center).

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in March of even-numbered years by the Office of the Provost with substantive revisions presented to the Provost and Senior Vice President (PSVP).


1.  Mission Statement

Texas Tech University Center at Junction provides academic, research, and service programs to expand educational, economic, and cultural opportunities in the region.

2.  General

a.    The Center is a resident facility of Texas Tech University offering regular credit courses for Texas Tech students during spring intersessions and regular summer terms. Selected degrees, programs, and courses are also available during the fall and spring semesters using the distance education infrastructure available on-site.

b.    The Center hosts the TTU Junction Llano River Field Station, which encourages, coordinates, and supports research activities by researchers and students from Texas Tech and other institutions, both on the Center's land or in nearby areas.

c.    The Center provides its facilities on a fee basis for varied official uses of colleges, divisions, departments, and other internal organizations of Texas Tech University; other state and private institutions of higher education; other state agencies; professional societies; other nonprofit groups engaged in educational or instructional activities; and state and community service organizations. Typically, these organizations use the meeting rooms, classrooms, laboratory facilities, dining hall, and accommodations of the Junction Center for field trips; retreats and sabbaticals by administration, faculty, and student organizations; conferences; professional society meetings; student training and orientation programs; outreach initiatives; and continuing education short courses and programs.

d. The Center operates and supports numerous outreach and engagement initiatives sanctioned by Texas Tech University that are designed to:

• Engage public schools, local governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations; foster local, regional, and state-wide economic development;
• Promote the engagement of Texas Tech students and staff in community engagement and community-engaged learning activities;
• Build strategic partnerships and alliances with agencies, corporations, and organizations external to Texas Tech that support education in the broadest sense;
• Encourage support of higher education by the general public;
• Strengthen the pride and prestige associated with all Texas Tech programs and activities; and
• Develop a positive image of Texas Tech University by the residents of the region.

e.    The Center offers visiting groups a variety of accommodations and meal services, as well as support services such as recreational facilities and equipment, meeting rooms, and audio-visual support, all in a tranquil, rural, retreat-like setting. For information, please refer to the website (www.junction.ttu.edu).

f.    Because facilities at the Center are limited, scheduling of Center facilities more than 90 days in advance is governed in accordance with the following priority:

(1)    Texas Tech academic programs that generate semester credit hours eligible for formula funding, including distance education offerings and associated student support programs;

(2)    Research activities, including the Llano River Field Station;

(3)    Texas Tech-sponsored service and outreach programs, including community education and professional development courses;

(4)    Conferences, events, and activities sponsored by Texas Tech colleges, departments, and units; and

(5)    Other conferences, events, and activities.

Within 90 days of the day of arrival, unscheduled Center facilities may be booked by any authorized agency on a first-come, first-served basis, regardless of priority.

3.  Administration of the Center at Junction

a.   Texas Tech University Center at Junction is managed under the purview of the Office of the Provost by the Director of Operations. The Director of Operations is responsible for all aspects of the operation of the Center including academic and research facilitation; facilities and operational planning; operations and maintenance of the Center, including safety and security; compliance with all applicable university, state, and local policies and regulations; community and governmental relations; and scheduling in accordance with priorities set forth by the Office of the PSVP.

b.    The Director of Operations at the TTU Center at Junction reports to the Vice Provost for Outreach and Engagement and manages all day-to-day operations and activities at the Center.

c.    Staff assigned to the Center serve as points of contact for various programs and services, and the Director of Operations is responsible for maintaining the Center master calendar. Anyone desiring use of facilities, equipment, services, and accommodations and/or meals must be registered and scheduled on the master calendar. Please refer to the website (www.junction.ttu.edu) for staff's contact information and details on the scheduling of facilities.

4.  Policy Regarding Use of the Center at Junction

a.    The Director of Operations will operate the Center in accordance with applicable operating policies of Texas Tech University. All faculty, staff, students, guests, and visitors are subject to local, state, and federal law regarding conduct on the Junction campus. Faculty members are subject to policies contained in OP 32.04, Conduct of University Faculty. Registered Texas Tech students are subject to the university Code of Student Conduct.

b.    Use of the TTU Junction Llano River Field Station by researchers and students will be in accordance with policy established by the Office of the PSVP, with oversight provided by the Director of Operations and the Llano River Field Station Director. The use by personnel from institutions other than Texas Tech University requires prior approval of the Office of the PSVP. Approval procedures and rules for use of the facilities and equipment may be found on the website at www.junction.ttu.edu.

c.    The Director of Operations will maximize utilization of the facilities and equipment of the Center, ensuring that scheduling is conducted in accordance with the priorities detailed in section 2.f above. Simultaneous use of the campus by more than one group, program, or activity is encouraged, consistent with maintenance of an appropriate learning environment, safety, and appropriate co-mingling of compatible users. The Director of Operations may grant exclusive use of the Center to programs of the Texas Tech University System or to groups with more than 100 members participating.

d.    While there is no minimum group size specified, the Center normally will not be opened for use on weekends for groups of fewer than 10 persons. Exceptions may be granted by the Director of Operations.

e.    Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the buildings or on the grounds of the Center without special written permission from the Office of the President. Requests for permission must be submitted to the Director of Operations and will be forwarded for approval. Without such approval, the use of alcohol is strictly prohibited.

f.    The facilities of the Center are utilized by groups of all ages. The Center may be occupied, on occasion, by adult and children's groups simultaneously. During these times, special security measures will be in effect. Adult groups requesting use of the facilities will be notified in advance of special circumstances of this type and the policy that will be in effect during their visit.

g.    The sponsor of a children's group (a group with participants predominantly under the age of 18) desiring to schedule use of the campus must provide adequate supervision (approximately one adult per 10–12 children), provide permission and waiver forms properly authorized by the parent(s) or legal guardian(s), and assume responsibility for medication and other special arrangements. In the case of university-sanctioned outreach programs, Center personnel may provide coordination of this supervision.

h.    Groups or activities may be refused use of the Center if their size or program content is considered an inappropriate use of the facilities or is in conflict with previously scheduled or higher priority activities.

i.    Texas Tech faculty, staff, and accompanying family members may use the Junction facilities at a discounted rate on a limited and space-available basis during the week or on weekends when other groups are on campus (see www.junction.ttu.edu for current rates).

j.    No camping is permitted at the Center, and the on-campus use of recreational vehicles or trailers in lieu of campus accommodations is prohibited.

k.    All use of facilities will be governed by procedures detailed in Rules for Use of the Texas Tech University Center at Junction (see attachment and the website for details). A copy of these rules will be given to all groups or individuals authorized to use facilities, and staff, faculty, students, guests, and visitors must strictly adhere to their provisions. Damage caused by disregard of these rules will result in the assessment of fines, and violators may be refused use of the Center and/or referred for disciplinary action in accordance with applicable law or university policy.

5.  Special Policies for Guests and Visitors

a.    A guest is defined as a person who is not officially connected with a group registered to use the campus or to a program or event being held on the Center property but who has been invited to the Center by a registered student, faculty, staff member, or other person who is associated with an official event currently underway at the Center. Rules pertaining to guests are detailed in the attachment.

b.    A visitor is defined as any person coming onto the Center for the purpose of touring or using the facilities on a day-use basis who is not connected to any official event or program or person attending one of these activities. Rules pertaining to visitors are detailed in the attachment.

6.  Reservations

a.   Advance reservations are required for use of the Center facilities. Reservations may be made in person or by telephone, mail, or email. For information on contracts and deposits, please refer to the website (www.junction.ttu.edu) or contact the Director of Operations at 325.446.2301.

b.    The deadline for confirming reservations and submitting a deposit is 10 days following the date reservations are made. The deadline for confirming the exact number of participants expected, including the number/type of services, accommodations, and meals, is five working days prior to arrival at the Center. Minimum charges will be levied based on the number of participants and other details confirmed five days prior to arrival.

c.    Reservations may be canceled by the sponsoring organization without penalty 15 or more days prior to the event. Groups canceling 14 or fewer days prior to the scheduled event will be assessed a cancellation fee of 10 percent of the estimated bill.

d.    Prices are subject to change; however, fixed prices will be quoted for 90-day periods when booking. Complete information on pricing of accommodations, meals, and services may be obtained by telephone or by referring to the website.

e.    Group payments are required for organizations using the campus for meetings and conferences, and individual meal purchases or refunds are not permitted for such groups.

f.    The Center reserves the right to cancel reservations at any time if required by an emergency.

g.    In the event of cancellation by the group sponsor or Texas Tech University, refunds will be made via routine Texas Tech check issuance procedures.

7.  Special Requirements for Meal Service

a.    Meal service is available to outside groups visiting the Center, provided a minimum of 15 persons are using the meal service on any given day (this requirement may be waived under special circumstances with prior approval). Groups may use the Center facilities without contracting with the Center for meal service, but prior arrangements must be made to have meals catered by outside contractors. Meals are served cafeteria-style in the dining hall or at the Llano Hall pavilion (with prior arrangements). During the spring and summer academic programs, meals are served throughout the week, and registered students are charged through Student Business Services. During that time, other meal service customers will be charged through group billing, or individual customers may make arrangements with Center administrative personnel.

b.    The Center dining hall kitchen and associated equipment can be used only by dining services staff of Texas Tech University. Registered guests may use refrigerators, coffee makers, and microwave ovens, where provided in the accommodations. The use of outside microwave ovens, coffee makers, hot plates, and other similar equipment is prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the Director of Operations.

c.    Contact the Director of Operations for prices and other information on meal service.

8.  Emergency Procedures

a.    The Director of Operations will maintain an emergency operations plan, as detailed in OP 76.01, Emergency Management Plans.

b.    All guests remaining overnight on the Junction campus will be provided emergency information by the Director of Operations regarding after-hours campus security, emergency contacts, first aid, telephone locations, and incident reporting procedures.

c.    In the event of an emergency, guests can contact authorities/emergency responders by dialing 911 on any campus telephone. Residents will follow the instructions provided by Center security personnel, normally contracted law enforcement personnel.

d.    An emergency information guide to the Junction Center is posted in all buildings on the property.

9.  Recommended Changes

Recommended changes to this OP should be directed to the Office of the PSVP.


Attachment: Rules for the Use of the Texas Tech University Center at Junction

Operating Policies & Procedures